Saturday, September 8, 2012

May 28, 2012

Well once again  I am here and things are good but not perfect. I am loving the area but it is HARD!!! I have to say my faith hasnt been as strong as I wanted it to be but I can feel the change. I love my companion but he doesnt really talk in the lessons!!! He just stares at me then after says Darby that was great!!! 
Things are going good we are teaching a lot of people and never have time but they are not progressing or getting baptized either because there is someone in their family that doesnt want them to or they arent married and want to wait. I have really learned how to be direct and I am seeing a bit of a change. Many of the inactive families are coming again and we have about 7or 8 investigators every sunday in church but just wont take that next step of baptism. It is really beating on my positivity a little but as you all know, I keep the smile and will never drop it. 
ANYWAYit is starting to get cold here and that means lazier people and harder circumstances when we tell people they have to walk to church at 9am when it is cold and windy. But other than that I love the cold it is a lot easier to work and we arent sweaty or anything!!! So the weather keeps going cold to hot hot to cold but soon it will hit the cold part and once again i am in the coldest part of the mission. I was in north Salta last winter and now southern Salta. How lucky haha. Lets see what else,oh this last week I wanted to learn to make milanesa and it was the best and even my latino companion said it was great. So that was exciting and we played soccer today and I am doing so much better at playing because I scored 5 goals and it was north americans verse latinos and we so won!!! 
Also this last week got my haircut and sure enough when you tell the hair cutter to cut with a four apparently a 2 on the sides and a 3 on top is what I wanted!!! It is terrible, I will have to send a picture next week but sure enough they all ask what happened to your head why do you have a scar. So things havent changed on that question except that it is in spanish. 
There are so many great people and they are fun to teach but we are trying to figure out how we can get some more in the water. My comp. said just yesterday. Darby I heard you have baptized a lot and I was so excited to come here and I know if you made that miracle before God will surely bless you with it again. Hopefully these emails will be saying WE BAPTIZED in a couple more weeks.
I want to thank as well everyone that sent me a happy birthday email it was great being able to remember that I have such a great family friends and cousins, and uncles and aunts. It truly was great to be able to see some pics . Well everything is going great here and i am excited to start a new week and get out and work to make you all proud and to bless you all with my diligence. Love Elder darby

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