Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 September 2012 - Buenos Aires temple dedication

That best 2 years movie isnt quite the real thing it is a lot different but yeah some parts will be a lot funnier. So success is on the table and I am so happy!!!! This last week was a real tester and ended up just great!!!! So saturday WE BAPTIZED AGAIN!!! Meaning we are baptizing every week. Completting with the goal set for the mission. 
Last weekend the Buenos Aires temple was rededicated and we went to the stake center to watch it and WOW!!!! I MISS THE TEMPLE!!!! But it was incredible to hear Elder Eyring, Christofferson, and Ballard who totally has my same name, Russell.  Each one had such a powerful testimony.  I would have to say the best line was"THIS IS THE WORK, THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THE CHURCH, THIS IS WHY CHRIST LIVES, THE WORK HERE IS GROWING THANKS TO THE MISSIONARIES WHO ARE HERE LISTENING THEY ARE THE REASON WHY SO MANY CHILDREN OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAVE ACCEPTED THIS GOSPEL." It was so great to hear an apostle talk about us as missionaries!  I had the best feeling inside, I just wanted to explode. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life till the mission and I realize it is something so crucial. Ok so I wont just testify in my email because it seems like that is what I always do. 
But things are great the rededication was awesome and 12 of my converts here in this area went so it was a great sight to know that if I wasn't here or if I didn't serve the mission, they might not have made it here to the temple rededication. Each one came up to me after and thanked me. I honestly had tears streaming from my face to feel the love that God has for his children and to realize it wasn't me - it was merely the spirtit that guided me. There is no better Joy than bringing someone to the gospel of Christ, to witness the change in them and to see what it truly means in their life. 
I am so grateful everyday to have known this church my whole life because I am so blessed for it. I love it out here and hopefully by this next email I might be in a new area. MY LAST AREA!!!! i THOUGHT  I WAS GONNA FINSIH HERE BUT THIS COMING SUNDAY I WILL KNOW WHERE GOD WANTS ME TO DIE ON THE MISSION!!!! Really sad but hey you will all be waiting back home for me.  I am sad to leave but excited to see you all again. I love you all Elder Darby

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