Saturday, September 8, 2012

June 4, 2012 WE BAPTIZED

WE BAPTIZED!!!!! It was so great because we baptized franco and of course it was testimony sunday so right after his confirmation he got up and bore his testimony!!!! It was such a great moment because his mom isnt a member and even bore hers and said, "I am glad my son has taught me the way now it is just my choice to take the next step!!!". So great because we are turning things around and getting ready to baptize more and more - not for the numbers but because these people need to be saved. Who knows if they will have another oppurtunity to better things!!!
I got Danielles package today so I have recieved all of them and absolutely loved them!!! The coke bottles to the little toys, to the other candies, cotton candy. I imagine how big the market is in the states and how there are more brands and so many varieties.
Its cold here and the weather is freezing!!! I hope we have snow this year because I haven't seen snow up close in a long time!!!
PDay, we play every monday now so it is fun as can be to watch the other two north americans fall and trip and just do terribly. The best part is that we play with little 11 year olds and the other elders just getted burned by all of them. But lets see, ice cream is really cheap here, I can buy a whole kilo of really good ice cream for only 2 dollars so that is a fun treat to keep me gaining weight. So not really much has changed. I love my companion because he puts so much trust in me to do everything so it is kinda nice. I am loving it here and we have the greatest lunches now because we eat soup with every meal and of course and Argentine meal wouldn't be complete without bread, which i am so addicted to now. It is really weird to eat without bread now. I am glad to hear you are all going into summer because once summer ends I will be there to enjoy the cold coming from the heat down here in Argentina. Well so this is about it let me know if you have any questions so i can write better emails. Love you all Elder Darby

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