Monday, September 26, 2011

26 September 2011

Date: Monday, September 26, 2011, 2:31 PM

I have sweet news and some great photos to prove it. We baptized 3 more amazing daughters of God and the best part was I got to baptize all 3. The next day in church all wanted me to confirm them so I had the oppurtunity to act for my Lord Jesus Christ to baptize and confirm them to be members and receive the holy ghost.
I am so happy because President Levrino sent out a special post to every elder on this mission and he wrote congratulations to 6 ELDERS!!!!! There are so many elders in this mission but he wrote congrats to only six and of course-guess who baptized the second most out of the whole mission this last week? ELDER DARBY AND ELDER CHAVEZ!!!!!!!!! We are completely obedient and on fire and let me say we have more baptisms in the future to plan. Oh I am so happy right now and so ready to baptize everyone in Argentina. The blessings we receive when we pray sincerely every night, keep the commandments and always keeping our thoughts focused on Christ. I know He will send so many blessings as long as we are just obedient.
I have never felt so pumped up in my life, I mean here I am in the middle of Argentina-speaking a new language to people I didn't think I could connect with but it turns out they all love Jesus Christ and fishing!!!! What's better to talk about than those 2 topics right? haha
Also, I can't say how excited I am to listen to the prophets and know that my MOM, KEEGAN, ALIX, RYAN and others I know will be in the session that I am watching-that is just so cool. You have the chance to live in the United States with freedom, with cars, with MONEY, with families. Here, I am in Argentina where there are only a few cars, a few televisions, and barely any freedom. I mention that I have flown in an airplane more than once and people are just shocked but if you say you have been in an airplane once in the states you are SOOOO SHELTERED!!!! But anyway it is amazing how different the life is here, their culture, how they all eat bread with ever meal and they all have their mate no matter if they are on their little scooters that are so loud and go no where.
But I have to say, although the technology is different and the language-they do have one thing that the states dont and that is HUMILITY AND FAMILY!!!! There are parents here that seriously live with their entire family in their house and work all day, every day to PROVIDE FOOD AND SHELTER(THIS WAS FOR KEEGAN). The people here are just so amazing I mean the stores give free food to us and others at random times just to show their love and taxi drivers will have a good conversation with you and not charge a cent. I love Argentina and it makes me even happier to know that I have a family and the reason i am here is to make them proud and to make other families here bonded (I don't remember the word for bonded in the temple) together forever. We always enter in a house and sing a hymn and it is always (FAMILIAS PUEDEN SER ETERNAS) families can be eternal? (oh man-I am forgetting my english how terrible)
Well anyway we are on fire and there is nothing more successful than the work of the savior because he is right next to us teaching these people and keeping me tossing and turning in my bed just thinking of our investigators. I have never had so many thoughts and ideas running through my mind and it is even better because it never STOPS!!! I love waking up and immediately saying my prayer because I always can pray so sincerely for our investigators because I had dreams of everyone of them.
It is so fun to know that there are people here that need their salvation and they won't receive anything if we don't find them.
Which brings me to my new goal. Talk to everyone. I know every missionary or person that has read Preach my Gospel it says talk to everyone like 100 times or more and that is our new goal. So anyway, I am running low on time but I want to let you know of our plans this week so you can get a sense of what we are hoping to work on this week.
So we have 46 investigators right now that have all received at least one lesson this week because we have to teach them every week to count them as an investigator but as of now we have General conference this Saturday and Sunday and want to get at least 10 to go. Also we had baptisms planned but we are gonna wait till the next week because after next week-we are baptizing IN A RIVER!!!!!!!!!!! It is planned and ready.
Gallian (the one we are gonna baptize in a river) we keep visiting him and he always says I want to learn more and want to prepare more for my baptism even though in 2 months he has quit DRUGS, ALCOHOL, WINE, PARTIES, and late nights with girls. All in 2 months but this last week I prayed for a miracle that he would be ready for his baptism the week after conference and you know what happened? One morning we were walking with another member and found him in front of his house with a cigarette, wine and on who knows what. While he was plastered (drunk) he dropped down on his knees and said "I failed you Elder Darby and you Elder Chavez and my God and now I am ready to quit and go to Jesus Christ like you said Elder Darby, like a small child with hope in my eyes and a fire in my heart." So I am glad to say that after this experince we went to his house when he was sober and he had a huge fire and was burning all the trash he had and says he wants his baptism after conference so Yes baptism in a river not this week but the Saturday after conference!!!!!
I know that when we ask sincerely with our heart and we serve Him with everything we have then we can receive whatever we ask for. As we are here now in Argentina working as hard as we can we are receiving nothing but success because of the faith we have. The Lord said that with faith you can receive anything that is desired. I have a testimony so strong of this because this area was HARD but after I read numbers chapter 13 and 14, I realized it doesn't matter if there is a bad area-all that matters is the faith and diligence. I am here praying my heart out every day to change this area and to change the lives of so many.
As of now I have realized my purpose and have gone nowhere else except to ask the lord my God to help, He is here, He lives and loves each one of us. I know when we keep the comandments we are blessed with more than we can count because this life is not just a life-but a sacrifice to be the best. Our Father said not one filthy impure thing can enter into the kingdom of God and I promise everyone of you that this is true-that we need to be better because we sin and aren't forgiven unless we pour out our souls unto him.
I challenge every one of you to change the light you have. To shine it forth and not hide it any longer because our Lord our Savior is close and now right now is the time to prepare to meet God. So I have only one question: Can you stand in front of the Father who created you and knows everything you have done and say I DID MY BEST? Because if not, you have the chance right now to stand up and just like Jesus Christ said to adulterer "GO AND SIN NO MORE!!!!" I LOVE YOU ALL ELDER DARBY

Monday, September 19, 2011

19 September 2011

The life here is so fun and so care free. There aren't lays or speed limits or regulations on anything. The best is that there money system is so messed up. The bank prints more 100 pesos bills and the best part is that no one ever has change. So you have to buy at least 10 pesos of sodas or candy to get change for 100 pesos. Also the second best part is that the stores pay people with candy. For some reason there aren't enough coins here (or I have all of them). When you buy something and it is 2 pesos and 57 cents, you only have to pay 2 pesos and 25 cents.
Then there is the cars which are just tiny. The biggest car they have is a dodge ram truck which is very rare. The cars here are all rusted out, they don't use gasoline, instead they use natural gas which has great mileage-but no power with the pedal.
We see the funniest things here that make me laugh every day, ladders made of sticks, cars get towed with bungie cords and the ugliest dogs with the nastiest sicknesses!
But I love it here the people are so humble and just so nice. Recently the mom of one of the members is in the hospital and she has always been a die hard catholic but we went and visited her. She is insistent that before she meets her she heavenly father she now wants baptism in our church and it was just so terrible to watch her suffering because she is too close to death that this will happen. I have so much more love for the people here and when one is suffering or begging it seriously burns my heart to hear them just crying. So to bring her some relief and happiness while in the hospital we decided to watch videos of the church and teach her to have hope. She is an amazing person but is just so lost without the knowledge that we have in this church.
Anyway i have great news-this saturday me and my companion have 3 MORE BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!! we are turning this area into a gold mine. Before we had only 25 people in church and now have 70. This area was the second worst for baptizing in all the mission and now we are rocking it. OH I LOVE BLESSINGS FROM OBEDIENCE!!!!
Every morning one of us wakes up a little earlier than the other and no matter how tired we are we always yell at each other to wake up. It is so funny and i just love my companion. We are obedient and working hard and we actually had to skip studies this last weekend just to have lessons. It is so amazing to be here, working so hard, having success because people are listening to the lessons and coming out to church. We also have permision to go to another town this week to teach people where there aren't missionaries but people have a desire to be baptized.
I am just so happy that the Lord has enough trust in us to bless us to the max to change this area with baptisms and to change lives.
What I'm really anxious for is in 2 saturdays we will have a baptism in a river!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I love this work, I love my days and am so happy you don't even know how much happiness I have to see our investigators come to church and hear them testify that this only true church and how it has changed their lives.
Family, I love you all and know you are all in my prayers.
I am so grateful that I had a mom who always took us to church and attends the temple. I know I am blessed because of your faith.
Your elder and number one fan ELDER DARBY chau

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well mother first off I can say that I have never been happier in my entire life than I am this weekend!!!! Mother, yes, I have my photos stored and next week I want to send them to kodak easyshare so you can view all of them and save them for me. Also my photos are awesome!!! Everyone that sees them says "now this is the camera of a missionary". I figured that this was a good thing because I want to be able to have a slideshow and not put everyone to sleep when I get home. My photos are of my companions, giant insects, rat killing videos, baptisms, crazy dogs, amazing food and the jungle. I figure that these are what people want to see because I'm happy and that I'm having a freaking blast!!!! Anyway I don't want to share how hard this area is and how bad the missionaries before me were but of the amazing plans we have for the next few weeks.
To start it off this week was awesome!!!! Now I know the last time I had a rat story-it was epic but I want to let you know that me and my companion sent another rat to rat heaven this week. He was living under the oven and one day I was cooking pizza and wouldn't you know it-out runs another rat and climbs down the water drain. Three days later he eats all of my flour, stole my chocolate bar and ate many of my coco pebble cereal. But one morning I heard him under the oven, told my companion to come and we blocked every exit and legitamately played hockey with him till finally I grabbed a metal bar and let him know how much I hated rats, so hopefully NO MORE RATS!!!!! Don't worry, I've taken 2 awesome videos of this giant creature running around and us screaming like little girls. Not only the rat but aeresol and a match are just amazing weapons to kill cockroaches as well.
As I explained this last week we had 2 investigators who had 3 times attended church and progressed. DAMIAN GUTIERREZ quitting alcohol and cigarettes for 3 months and he experinced water this last saturday...meaning BAPTISM!!!!!
HILDA VALASQUEZ after quitting cigarettes for 4 months, also experinced water meaning that this last saturday the 10th of september me and my companion Elder Chavez from peru baptized 2 amazing people. The best part isn't the baptism, it came the day after their baptisms on saturday both of our investigators had an interview with the president.We waited 30 minutes for the interview to end, I was losing my patience and was worried because 30 minutes is a long time. Then Damian walks out of the interview with Hilda by his side both look at each other and smile really big and say "look we are gonna serve missions". I have never smiled bigger in my entire life because not only did we bring 2 amazing people unto salvation but they want to serve as well.
Family I have never felt more successful in my entire, 2 powerful children of God found the right path and are following it with the most faith I have ever seen in my entire life.
So yes we had 2 baptisms this last saturday and sunday, we had 67 people in church and not this saturday but the next we plan to baptize another amazing man who quit an addiction he has had his entire life; chewing cocaine leaves, smoking and drinking.Exciting news is we have his baptism date, permision from the president of our mission and of the ward to baptize him in a RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!! He said to us a few weeks ago that he wants the same baptism as Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith in a river. Awesome, hugh. It will be an amazing opportunity to baptize someone in a river.
So mother don't worry, I haven't even served for a year and I have great stories to share and just wait till I finish 2 years. Family, I love you all. I want you all to know that ever since I woke up at 6:58am every morning we have been receiving so many more blessings. Lesson learned is that God our Father in Heaven wants to bless us in so many ways and even if one thing as small as 10 minutes is off, then he can't do his part when I'm not doing mine.
I love you all. Plus, the president changed the rules meaning I can write family, friends and anyone I want so send me an email and this time I'm allowed to respond.
My quote of the week is


WOW MOTHER YOUR EMAILS ARE ALWAYS JUST AWESOME AND THEN THE EMAILS FROM KEEGAN who is just such a stud but how tall is he right now?
Ok this week was great, bad and perfect again. Monday was awesome-we relaxed and played soccer for 4 hours, which for a missionary that has 30 minutes a day to do sit ups and push ups is a longtime to play, but we found 3 new awesome teenagers to teach!!!! I arrived in this area and about 12 people came to church and only 2 young men and 2 young women!! You want to know how hard we work? This last sunday we had 86 PEOPLE IN CHURCH!!!!!
12 YOUTH AND 6 INVESTIGATORS IN CHURCH!!!! Before the mission, Sunday was always relaxing (until Keegan got in the driver seat) but now it is the most AMAZING EXPERINCE EVER!!! First we arrived at church at 9 am and barely anyone is there but after all the taxis arrive, we had a ton and with every taxi that arrives, I always have a giant smile because it is so great to see familiar faces that know the gospel is true and have decided after many years of being inactive- came back. When the classes start we always teach gospel priciples which is just so weird in spanish with about 12 people in the class. Man I love these Sundays.
We got permission from our president to play soccer every Saturday and have activities every Friday and now we are just rocking with the youth and they are just so amazing. These youth live 30 to 40 minutes away and walk to church every Sunday-it is awesome. We are working a lot with them and right now we have 3 more youth investigators to teach.
This last Wednesday we taught Maximiliano who is amazing!!!! We are teaching him, his older sister Florencia and the younger sister Yamila. Last Wednesday he was alone in his house and we knocked (clapped) his door and he said "oh elders hey my friends and I are going to play soccer, I have a game for a lot of money but do you want to come in?" So we said if you are busy we can pass by another time and he said no, the word of God is much more important than soccer. You can only imagine my face with a smile on it as big as if I caught a fish times 10. I was so happy that he understood!!!! So we entered and he completely ditched his friends to talk to us, it was awesome!!! Also about 2 or 3 minutes into the lesson we asked him about his prayers and if he received an answer and he said no but I want to be baptized.
Me and Elder Chavez were so excited and both just stood up and gave him high fives because he believes and read the first 3 chapters of the book of mormon.
He is so amazing and said with or without my sisters this sunday, I am going to church. So just yesterday a little after 9 am here he is with his sister and said she wanted to sleep but woke up to come.
I love maxi and he loves fishing and sports so immediately we were able to talk about fishing and sports. He is so much like Keegan and is 14 years old. He loves this gospel and we know he will be baptized along with his sisters and with our prayers to change the hearts of the parents them as well. This work here in Ledesma is hard but we are working hard to change the branch.
With more inactives and our investigators we have quadrupled the number of actives and even though the baptisms aren't great, we should have 5 not this Saturday but next. So please pray for our investigators that we can help them to prepare to receive the keys to enter into the kingdom of God.
I love you all and know that you are all in my prayers. I am here working hard and even though the President of the mission doesn't like our numbers, he doesn't realize that this branch is changing big time and when we get some more support from the members, the baptisms will come.
Well family I am happy and so thankful to speak Spanish just fine that all can understand and I can understand them. This language that once seemed impossible became possible with 2 things that we all need. Faith and trust in Christ and second is our diligence to always be obedient and follow our savior Jesus Christ!!! I love you all. Stay strong, have faith, and share the love of God that sheddeth itself in the hearts of men.
Love always Elder Darby


Date: Monday, September 5, 2011, 9:14 AM

Mom we are eternal and I know that because I know that what the lord says happens and although satan has a big hand on us here on the earth, we will definately be together forever. My blessing says I am promised our eternal family and I know it is the truth. Stay in there because God loves you, we have grown up amazing because of the great personalities we have and because we all have a ton of strength. Mom you say I am good with people but as I was in my first area I thought is was impossible to be loved without the language but it is incredible how loving the people here are.
So enough mushy stuff because I have such amazing news that I was crying just about every day this week because I am so happy!!!!!! So we have been teaching this person named Damian and he has a rock band and just loves wine and cigarrettes but after 2 months of calling and teaching he received his answer about this church and has dropped 12 of his closest friends for this church. I have viewed the most amazing change from him and this last testimony meeting I asked him if he wanted to say something. He said when?I said now and he got up in front of everyone and bore the most amazing testimony I have ever heard and in another language. Most of the members lost faith in him and asked us if he was drinking again and I can tell you he has quit wine and cigs for over a month. He has his baptism this SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!
The best is also we have an investigator called Hilda, she is incredible and quit ciggs as well for a month and her baptism is also THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Both said they are ready and want to be baptized!!!!!!!!
Today was transfers and me and the most amazing peruvian are together again!!!! I am so happy to work with him because he has faith. He also paid me back every cent he borrowed and said Elder Darby you seriously are the best thing on my mission and you don't know how much I love you and am so sorry for using money but it is all here. At this point I could only give this little peruvian a giant hug I mean he saved every receipt and paid it all back to me. We are so close, work hard and have baptisms to start off this transfer on a swing with the Lord and his spirit.
I have an amazing story to tell you and I swear it is true because I know the lord is right here with me. I have been feeling really down lately which is weird for me but 3 days ago I got down on my knees and prayed that I can be forgiven because I am terrible at getting up at exactly 7am, it is always 7:12 and so I feel guilty every morning. I prayed to be forgiven of all my faults and to feel thy love every day and today I woke up at 6:54am before the alarm, hopped out of bed said my prayer, looked at my watch and felt a feeling on my back like a pat or the feeling of a warm hug. Awesome!
We all have these trials here on the earth because we need to show we have faith and obedience. I have never felt so happy and know the lord was smiling and is happy for me because he wants me to prevail and I am his servant. I have really thought about this lately and have come up with my motivation phrase.
The lord knows and he loves us and I love him. We watched the movie the TESTAMENTS everyday this week during lunch and it is impossible to not cry when papawa receives his eyesight from Jesus Christ. He gave his life and was strong and perfect, I mean perfect. Every prophet has his faults and so do we but Jesus was perfect. It is incredible to me because we forget that he suffered and payed for us so we can be free of our sins but when we reject him it is as if he didn't die for us. This hit me hard because everyday I strive to be better and I know each one of us have a perfect example to follow. We have so much help, the scriptures, the prophet, the church and our families!!!! We are here to be tested and I know everyone of us can pass as long as we do one thing. Act with the faith we have.
I love you all so much and hope these emails are what you want. The church is true please stay strong.