Saturday, September 8, 2012

June 11, 2012

Nativity sets don't exist just a ton of fireworks but you can find some sweet other souvenirs for sure and Mom, I hate thinking or planning what I will do when my mission ends because it will be sad but COME ON DOWN!!!! I am excited to show you some sweet places but better yet show you the culture and to visit my converts to make sure they are all active.  
This week was very interesting and i learned a very valuable lesson that when blessings come down think they will last forever. So wednesday we had a lesson planned and we decided to ask a member to invite just a bunch of friends to come and it turned out we taught a group of 14 people and they were all new investigators.  Tthe best part is that we learned that the only reason Nephi or Alma baptized so many is because they taught in groups and baptized in groups. It was soo cool because we took out baptism dates with the 12 investigators that were there and also 10 went to CHURCH!!! It was a miracle and the best part is we have now started the best secret of missionary work and that is to teach in groups. The best part is president loves this idea and tomorrow we are going to teach our whole zone of Salta. I am so excited because baptisms will sky rocket. It was a miracle that in this area we were able to find 15 new people to teach and they all want to get baptized.I am really excited to give this a try and i will let youall know how well i goes. we are looking o have about 20 or more to teach this wednesday so wish me luck. 

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