Saturday, September 8, 2012

16 July 2012

MY FAVORITE LINE!!!! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES AND A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TONIGHT!!!! MJ So this week was fantastic!!!! WE FASTED 2 TIMES AND WE HAD A MIRACLE!!!!! We have been teaching this one girl for 3 months but her dad never wanted her to even talk to us but found out and never gave us permission to baptize her either.  But, the other day, we taught him the and the spirit truly made this hard core alcoholic man cry!!!!!! He said if my daughter wants to be baptized then why not.  So we asked his daughter when and why? and she being 10, gave the strongest testimony I have ever heard.  I was almost crying and we are gonna baptize her this SATURDAY!!!! 
Next week a family of 4 they went to church and if they go one more time it looks like we will baptize them!!!! I have never been so excited because there is no better way than a fast.
things are fantastic we are the best zone on the mission so i am so excited. This last week we baptized 24 and there are 14 companionships.  I got a call from our mission president saying fantastic now this next month you will be in charge of giving a presentation to everyone so I am excited.  My comp. goes home in 3 weeks.  I remembered what joseph smith said  The Lord must bring us down before he raises us up.. it's so true. 
The weather is around 24 degrees in the morning. The bishop is now our best friend and the stake president we have a meeting with him every 2 weeks now!!!! Fantastic and truly a great and marvelous work and it is so being harvested in our area called MIRACLE CITY(CIUDAD DE MILAGRO) I love it here!

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