Saturday, September 8, 2012

25 June 2012

So everything is going great we BAPTIZED!!!! We have another planned for saturday so things are starting to explode. It really is first attitude then hard work or suffering then the reward!!! 
I can tell you that it is the last trransfer for my companion so we are gonna baptize a ton and the best part was last week we had an amazing spiritual guidance. We were looking at the inactive ward list and we were tired and freezing but I saw a name and said  "lets pass by this family" so we walked to the address and it didn't exist.  I looked around to ask someone and we saw a man who was on a bike.  I felt a feeling to talk to him but I didnt feel like chasing him down because he had already passsed.  I  felt it again and way stronger so I took off running for about 2 blocks and stopped this man. He turned and said "elder what are you doing?" I was shocked that he knew I was an elder.  I asked him who he was, he said he was the son of a member his but dad hasn't been to church in years. We quickly took down his address and he said "lets go to my house now" so we went and found a family of 10 NON MEMBERS!!!!!  We entered and taught an amazing lesson and we were able to get 6 of them to church so you could imagine how excited I was.  We are gonna baptize 3 in primary, 3 in young mens, the mom in Relief Society, and 3 future missionaries 17 yrs old 19 & 23. It was just incredible that we were able to find them all thanks to a spritual prompting!!! 
    This morning one of my converts from jujuy sent me a letter and it has a FOUR LEAF CLOVER!!! She is ramona the one who cut my hair a bunch of times free and we baptized her and her son. It was so cool because she said she was thinking of me the other day and at that point the missionaries went to her house and one was coming here to salta so she wrote me a letter and put a four leaf clover. She said she was thinking of a gift or something cool to send and right as that happened her gardener walked in with the four leaf clover and she taped it and sent it to me. It is the coolest thing ever, I will send a pic next week. 
It was so great to read her testimony and her son just got hired to paint the inside of the temple in Cordoba that is under construction. I love how there is a scripture that says work all your days so that those you save will be united with thee again in Gods Kingdom. I thought of her and of all those that God has allowed me to baptize. 
I truly love this work and even though i say it might be hard, I realize that the goals I set are almost unreachable but if you compare it to the success of the elders before or others, we are having better success. I just love this work and the most amazing people that we meet. I love you all Elder Darby

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