Tuesday, September 18, 2012

17 Sept., 2012 - Transfer to Tucuman

Hey how are you because I am sweating sooooo bad!!!! I got transfered today to be in my last area on my mission and I am so excited!!! The mission president called me to tell me my specific mission to do in this area.  I am now in TUCUMAN!!!! Another province and the hottest one with the best work there is!!!! President Levrino called and said Elder Darby, I have a really special job for you!!!!( my heart dropped!!!) You are going to Tucuman to open an area that will be the best baptizing area on the mission!!! 
He said years ago it was the best but there is an elder there right now that doesn't want to be obedient and he doesn't know how to work well.  The Lord and I trust in you and want you to go and not have a responsability as a leader but just be the best missionary ever. Show this elder how to work and get him excited because he isn't excited at all. Work with the members and I guarantee you will have sucess that not even you can imagine!!!! 
Danielle, I am so excited, I have never been so willing to accept something so great as this calling To work!!! I am ready to just baptize like CRAZY!!!!! There are so many people that are gonna be ready and I know and of course God knows I am the one who can do it!!!  He trusts me so much that he has sent me to an area that will either be closed or stay open. He said you will work till the end of your mission and you need to lift that area up, get it baptizing like crazy and I will send 4 missionaries to your area to keep working there.  If not, it will be closed and no more elders will work there!!!! Talk about trust huh? 
We need to baptize enough so we can split the ward!!!! What a call right? Do  you think I can accomplish such a task? I ask you to pray for me to be able to find the prepared people here so we can enter their houses and baptize family after family!!!! I honestly believe I can baptize a ton here . I have that Darby determination and I will be informing you every week about the progress!!!!
I love being here in Argentina I am honestly gonna make the biggest step in missionary work here in this area.  We have a meeting with the bishop tonight and I am so excited to meet him and just get to work. I am pumped out of my mind. 
I will see you all in a few months, but for now I am with Elder Ipsen from Utah and we are gonna baptize like crazy. 
It is hot here in Tucuman but either way it means I will be losing some weight off my stomach finally haha Love Elder Darby

10 September 2012 - Buenos Aires temple dedication

That best 2 years movie isnt quite the real thing it is a lot different but yeah some parts will be a lot funnier. So success is on the table and I am so happy!!!! This last week was a real tester and ended up just great!!!! So saturday WE BAPTIZED AGAIN!!! Meaning we are baptizing every week. Completting with the goal set for the mission. 
Last weekend the Buenos Aires temple was rededicated and we went to the stake center to watch it and WOW!!!! I MISS THE TEMPLE!!!! But it was incredible to hear Elder Eyring, Christofferson, and Ballard who totally has my same name, Russell.  Each one had such a powerful testimony.  I would have to say the best line was"THIS IS THE WORK, THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THE CHURCH, THIS IS WHY CHRIST LIVES, THE WORK HERE IS GROWING THANKS TO THE MISSIONARIES WHO ARE HERE LISTENING THEY ARE THE REASON WHY SO MANY CHILDREN OF OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAVE ACCEPTED THIS GOSPEL." It was so great to hear an apostle talk about us as missionaries!  I had the best feeling inside, I just wanted to explode. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life till the mission and I realize it is something so crucial. Ok so I wont just testify in my email because it seems like that is what I always do. 
But things are great the rededication was awesome and 12 of my converts here in this area went so it was a great sight to know that if I wasn't here or if I didn't serve the mission, they might not have made it here to the temple rededication. Each one came up to me after and thanked me. I honestly had tears streaming from my face to feel the love that God has for his children and to realize it wasn't me - it was merely the spirtit that guided me. There is no better Joy than bringing someone to the gospel of Christ, to witness the change in them and to see what it truly means in their life. 
I am so grateful everyday to have known this church my whole life because I am so blessed for it. I love it out here and hopefully by this next email I might be in a new area. MY LAST AREA!!!! i THOUGHT  I WAS GONNA FINSIH HERE BUT THIS COMING SUNDAY I WILL KNOW WHERE GOD WANTS ME TO DIE ON THE MISSION!!!! Really sad but hey you will all be waiting back home for me.  I am sad to leave but excited to see you all again. I love you all Elder Darby

Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 September 2012

This week was great we BAPTIZED AGAIN!!!  This little boy was a boss, he told us that he was ready because God answered his prayers. Then sunday we found a 16 yr old and we will baptize him in 2 weeks.  The attendance of the ward is going up like crazy so things are looking great here in miracle city!!! I love the name and i love the faith me and my comp. have now. I mean we are so focused and honestly we have been teaching like crazy passing almost evereyone in lessons and our baptisms are continuing to happen. 
I love the line from the warriors because we are in Cuidad del Milagros and this is WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!!! There are so many people to teach and so many more to baptize, we are gonna call 10 ward missionaries and our ward mission leader has a car so we always are driven around it is just the best!!!! I realize a car sounds normal in the states but here, 1 family in every 56 or more has a car, it is rare. 
The members just love us and we have the best lunches with them. I am loving the food the work and of course the baptisms every week truly make for a great bonus!!!! I love this place and i think my comp. now hates dogs because one bit him the other day in the pinky and it is a gnarly scar haha. I got lucky!!! 
The weather changed there goes the cold and now it is hot so i am still debating what to do with all my warm weather clothing if I leave them or not. I love you all and i will see you in 3 months!!!! I have not one doubt that this is the Lords work and there is no better joy than hearing someone want to be baptized and now it is happening a ton to us so i couldn't be any happier or sadder to go home. haha Love you alll Elder Darby

27 August 2012 Best Testimony!

Honestly don't feel bad for what you write because there is no way that I could walk into a non funcioning family and say it can't be fixed!!!! Mom we "better" families everyday. We commit people to throw their drunk boyfriends out of the house and they do it. I know that there are bad families but it is normal. The prophets teachings say that this will happen in the last days. 
Satan entered the heart of one and that one WOLF as the prophets say, influenced the others to fall as well.  The gospel can heal the worst house in the world. I have seen so many miracles and families of 20 come back to church after so many heart aches. The best part is that you all go to church.  There are so many things that will be changed and now I have learned every single method there is to better a family that has had any type of problem. Mom if you want to feel better look up the talk by DALLIN H. OAKS ON DIVORCE!!! It is so great and he just explains it all. Also look up the talk NOBODY WAS WITH HIM, JEFFEREY R. HOLLAND!!! They will change you in so many ways.  I download talks every monday to listen during the week. 
I testify to you all that no matter how alone, no matter how afflicted or painful or difficult a situation is IT CAN BE WORSE but God is aware of you and he is ready to help!!! God doesn't bless us if we murmur to him and give when times are hard and he doesn't only bless us when times are good, great and jolly. He blesses us when we feel like there is no hope, when there is nothing left, when the days or situation can't get better. You can imagine Jesus Christ when he was alone in the garden of getsemani and came back to see his friends his disciples sleeping more than once. He was alone in the worst moment of his life. Taking upon all the pains of the people who have ever lived are living and those who will live. 
Now think of yourself. Don't ever be like Nephis brothers or even his Dad Lehi who only complained once. Be the younger brother that he was and like the scriptures say RISE AND SHINE!!!! Dont ask God where are you but find him. I can promise you that this mission has not been easy that I came not knowing even 4 words of spanish and left lessons crying.  I kneeled down every night to beg my Father in Heaven to bless my tongue so I could just speak. I didn't realize in that time but I was sinning. I was telling God to free me of this pain and trial when I realized that that is not what He wanted me to do. 
He wanted me to smile and just have patience to be able to wait and apply myself to better. I now after more than a year kneel every night thanking my Father in Heaven for the trials I have, thanking him for the family I was given. Not because it is broken or separated but because I am who I am because God gave me this path. I accepted this even before I came here to this earth. I have been woken up and it took me a day flight and being in an unknown place dedicating 2 years to him. If I complain, I am not bettering the situation but just letting satan discourage me. 
I ask you all to choose who you will serve because the scriptures say this day choose who you will serve!!! Not every change takes time but know that every journey or trip begins with one STEP!! Take that step not to satan but to God. Satan desires that we are all miserable like him that he can drag us down make us complian feel hatred for each other.  God is right now preparing A MANSION for his saints that stay strong that forgive one another that love and help. All he asks is that we have no other Gods or anything that becomes more important than him and his commandments. Keep the commandments. Follow him and i know he will have a reward so sweet so great that we aren't even capable of imagining. 
My favorite hymn is Love One Another. We sing it in almost every lesson because if we do it in the home, we will have peace and the best line of that song is LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!!! So I ask: do you love your brother or sister or Mom or Dad as much as God loves you? Would you be willing to give up everything as God gave up his son to suffer for us? I see so many companionships who struggle to get along. I see so many families who are split and hurt. I see all the sins the wickedness and lies in the world and it hurts my heart. I am not perfect but stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking that oh it is normal or everyone does it. Because God's saints, God's true disciples don't. 
I love you all and I promise to always be a support in every moment whether you are getting married like Alix or moving away like Mom and Dad just put your faith and trust in God and nothing that is TOO HARD OR IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT will happen. We are given the gospel in its fullness and that is all we need to endure. Dont just follow the gospel but truly live it. I love you all Elder Darby

20 August 2012


2 weeks ago we passed by a sister that is inactive, she is 56 and told us she needed help. So we respond. She said "you all know I believe in blessing the sick and know a family that asked me for help and they have a daughter. She is 12 and she is in the hospital and the problem is that she isn't eating, can't walk, can barely even talks and is ready to give up". "The doctors said that they don't know what is wrong and were ready to send her to Buenos Aires and it would put the family in a real debt".  
We were called and on tuesday, which was 2 weeks ago, we went to see her in the hospital.  For 2 days I was prayed for a healing miracle but not really believing that it would make a change for this little girl.  We show up to give this girl the blessing and seeing her brought tears to my eyes as she was so young, so lifeless in bed with no hope in her eyes. We greeted her and talked a little bit and explained the blessing to her and she chose me to give her the blessing. As my comp. blessed the oil, I remembered in matthew, Jesus Christ was asked from his disciples"who is the best in the glory of God" Jesus Christ put a young child in front of them and said if a man doesn't humble himself and come unto me like this child in no way will he be received in the glory of God!!! 
I honestly was overcome with so much love for this child that laid there so sick and helpless. We placed our hands on her sweet little head and I saw her close her eyes and smile!! This was the best smile I have ever seen in my life and as I gave this blessing; "Angela, you will rise from this bed but for now just wait and with your faith you will be free to walk and smile and share your light with the world around. Don't let discouragement fill your mind but rather hope and love for your family and your Father in Heaven."
When i finished she looked up at me and said thank you as the tears were just rushing out of my eyes. So this last week we got news from her family. Angela wasnt sent to Buenos Aires to be checked. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her!!  Angela got out of bed by herself, walked, ate and just the other day we talked with her grandma and she thanked us and told us we were "angels sent from God to heal her". 
Kinda amazing to experience and witness this for myself!!
This last week changed everything for me. I knew she would get better and as she was in bed in the hospital she read the book of mormon, prayed just like we told her and we promised her she would get better with her faith!!  
This wasn't just luck or just a small thing that happened but a true miracle from God. 
I have prayed for many testimony building experiences but to witness this was amazing.  I am so grateful to be here working for the Lord my savior doing his work and holding His priesthood. 
Don't get lost in the things that aren't important in life and focus on the things that are and that will last forever. I love you all Elder Darby

30 July 2012

WE have 2 baptisms for this saturday so as long as everything goes smoothly my comp. will be able to baptize his last week on his mission!!!! His going home has made me think alot and it is really starting to become something real!!!! THE MISSION WILL END!!!! Right now it hurts but I have to admit this whole talk about so many activities that I haven't done in 2 years is making me feel a little better about going home. My next transfer starting monday will be interesting because I will stay here without a doubt but after this next one, I will either stay in my area to DIE!!! Or i will be switched out to go somewhere else so we will find out what happens!!! 
I love this area and we are having a lot of success, I know there is so much more to do. So lets see, oh yeah this week was quite a week.  Saturday I got hit with something just terrible and all day Saturday i was bed bound.  My comp. made me tea and tried to help me. I kept telling him I am not a child and I want to work so after the sixth time at about 5pm I got up to go work and made it to the door and then ran to the bathroom and yeah lets just say i threw up quite a bit. I kept leaving the door open so he could hear and giving him thumbs up. It was honestly hilarious!!!! I would have to say it brought back many memories of going to San Francisco with the Danielle, the buffet in Sacramento with all the cars around and other choice times I got sick. It was nice though because I got to relax for a day and take it easy, we watched every church movie and read every liahona. 
When the others elders came back Saturday night, they forced me to get a blessing and sunday I woke up happier than ever. Sunday went great and today we even climbed a huge hill in a beautiful little town. It was a blast. 
As you can all tell I am always excited and happy, these trials are just a short time frame in the scheme of everything. The stake president here now plans activities for the stake and works with the bishop as much as possible. 
I now i have the vision and have set goals and know what I need to do to be successful. It gets me excited because I can ONLY do it all with the help from my Savior. I love him and he lives me. I love what pres. Thomas Monson has said, What a sweet sentence this is I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!! I can just feel the spirit everyday and the way it works through some of the hardest or closed people. It enlightens the minds of so many and is something i will strive to always have. I love you all Elder Darby

16 July 2012

MY FAVORITE LINE!!!! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES AND A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TONIGHT!!!! MJ So this week was fantastic!!!! WE FASTED 2 TIMES AND WE HAD A MIRACLE!!!!! We have been teaching this one girl for 3 months but her dad never wanted her to even talk to us but found out and never gave us permission to baptize her either.  But, the other day, we taught him the and the spirit truly made this hard core alcoholic man cry!!!!!! He said if my daughter wants to be baptized then why not.  So we asked his daughter when and why? and she being 10, gave the strongest testimony I have ever heard.  I was almost crying and we are gonna baptize her this SATURDAY!!!! 
Next week a family of 4 they went to church and if they go one more time it looks like we will baptize them!!!! I have never been so excited because there is no better way than a fast.
things are fantastic we are the best zone on the mission so i am so excited. This last week we baptized 24 and there are 14 companionships.  I got a call from our mission president saying fantastic now this next month you will be in charge of giving a presentation to everyone so I am excited.  My comp. goes home in 3 weeks.  I remembered what joseph smith said  The Lord must bring us down before he raises us up.. it's so true. 
The weather is around 24 degrees in the morning. The bishop is now our best friend and the stake president we have a meeting with him every 2 weeks now!!!! Fantastic and truly a great and marvelous work and it is so being harvested in our area called MIRACLE CITY(CIUDAD DE MILAGRO) I love it here!

9 July 2012

Wow that was truly an incredible email that you just wrote, mom!!!!  I have to say that Mom it must be tough and now I have had so much time to think back on my life and think how truly strong you were. I have had many hard times out here but you know what I learned from you was to put a smile on and don't ask why me but rather start and progress. I read my comps. journal the other day and it said he admired me for my smile and how we would have the hardest time and I would smile and say, "satan really wants to destroy us right elder? and you know why? because we are studs and we are stopping him from succeeding so what are we gonna do? let satan get us down or change his attitude and sift him as wheat? 
I think it was funny when he showed me this because he is a very self concious kid and clearly doesn't get a lot of love but I love his humility and how respectful he is. I can't say he is strong or powerful in the lessons but he has such love. He truly is an example for me because I am totally the opposite!!!  This was my good experience to know that he isn't the only one who is watching me and watching all my actions because there are others and, of course, I want to make my Father in Heaven happy!!! 
Mom you taught me everything I needed to know to be out here. How to put a smile on when things are terrible, how to stay organized and of course how to talk and socialize. I always see other elders and how fear to speak or say the truth is present and I realize I'm so blessed not because I have divorced parents or a lot of hatred but because I have 2 parents who love me separately and that no matter what, am sealed to them to be with the strongest one hopefully in the celestial kingdom. 
This week truly was a test of faith, I have been fasting and praying a lot and truly searching for Gods help as much as possible and it is paying off. People are going to church people are reading the book and people are gladly letting us in to their houses. I am so thankful to be out here, to humble myself and to be so responsible of so many people and their salvation. There is no better feeling to know that what we teach someone can and will change their lives. I love this work and I love this culture.  It will be hard to come back and to be back in the real world but this is just the start.  I mean, if we can find 12 people in one day to teach and convince them to go to church and drop addictions just imagine what change we can make our entire life. 
This week was fantastic because we had the zone conference with our mission president and it was great. I was able to plan lunch and taught an hour to 28 missionaries. It was a great experince and I know that it is something that I just love to do. SHARE THIS GOSPEL!!!! It is true and I am a true servant of our Savior Jesus Christ. There is no better title in the world. I love you all and ask you to stay strong, forgive one another, an argument will get you nowhere but an example and a hug can change someones life forever. Be obedient stay truthful and remember we arent here for our own benefit we are here to earn our eternal life. Love Elder Darby

2 July 2012 WHAT A WEEK

25 June 2012

So everything is going great we BAPTIZED!!!! We have another planned for saturday so things are starting to explode. It really is first attitude then hard work or suffering then the reward!!! 
I can tell you that it is the last trransfer for my companion so we are gonna baptize a ton and the best part was last week we had an amazing spiritual guidance. We were looking at the inactive ward list and we were tired and freezing but I saw a name and said  "lets pass by this family" so we walked to the address and it didn't exist.  I looked around to ask someone and we saw a man who was on a bike.  I felt a feeling to talk to him but I didnt feel like chasing him down because he had already passsed.  I  felt it again and way stronger so I took off running for about 2 blocks and stopped this man. He turned and said "elder what are you doing?" I was shocked that he knew I was an elder.  I asked him who he was, he said he was the son of a member his but dad hasn't been to church in years. We quickly took down his address and he said "lets go to my house now" so we went and found a family of 10 NON MEMBERS!!!!!  We entered and taught an amazing lesson and we were able to get 6 of them to church so you could imagine how excited I was.  We are gonna baptize 3 in primary, 3 in young mens, the mom in Relief Society, and 3 future missionaries 17 yrs old 19 & 23. It was just incredible that we were able to find them all thanks to a spritual prompting!!! 
    This morning one of my converts from jujuy sent me a letter and it has a FOUR LEAF CLOVER!!! She is ramona the one who cut my hair a bunch of times free and we baptized her and her son. It was so cool because she said she was thinking of me the other day and at that point the missionaries went to her house and one was coming here to salta so she wrote me a letter and put a four leaf clover. She said she was thinking of a gift or something cool to send and right as that happened her gardener walked in with the four leaf clover and she taped it and sent it to me. It is the coolest thing ever, I will send a pic next week. 
It was so great to read her testimony and her son just got hired to paint the inside of the temple in Cordoba that is under construction. I love how there is a scripture that says work all your days so that those you save will be united with thee again in Gods Kingdom. I thought of her and of all those that God has allowed me to baptize. 
I truly love this work and even though i say it might be hard, I realize that the goals I set are almost unreachable but if you compare it to the success of the elders before or others, we are having better success. I just love this work and the most amazing people that we meet. I love you all Elder Darby

18 June 2012

I can't wait to be with you again Mom you will be amazed at the son I have become, I mean I have changed so much. I just have desires to baptize all my friends and of course Dads family. I can't imagine how dissapointed they would be when they get to heaven and realize that we never gave them the oppurtunity to be baptized. 
Danielle has a friend she is teaching the gospel to and I gave her a bunch of advice but ask her about her friend and see if you can have a lesson in your house because I know the spirit is so strong in your house!!! I love you Mom and I realize how important these things are and how everyone one day will kneel down and know that Jesus is the Christ and that we are the santos that will follow him. How great of a promise right?

18 June 2012

So what are you gonna do with your giant house now? Are you gonna move? Look into the beach house or what? I remember you once told me that when my last son graduates high school, I will have the uhaul ready to go to the beach and live there. So is it true? Can you smell the ocean? Haha mom, I love you soo much and I am sorry I am not that great at these emails but it is hard because I work so hard everyday and am not much of a jokester or a pranker but rather an obedient hard worker. I realized that I will not come home and tell dangerous stories or great pranks but rather show the success and the people that God changed through me. It is weird because I know when an elder came home, I wanted to know all the dangerous and funny stories but I will feel bad because I dont have very many. I am just too focused on the investigators and work to think of pranks and other things. I mean our mondays don't consist of any traveling or funny activities but rather buffets and studies. 
This week was interesting because no matter how many investigators we taught this week we decided to drop them ALL!!! I honestly mean that we have one person to teach and are gonna turn our finding talents on because we want new people that actually want to progress because no matter how much we try and try to change these people they don't want to go to church.  We stated this to them all...IF YOU DONT GO TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY AND REALLY DONT WANT US TO PASS BY AND HELP YOU THEN WE WILL NEVER PASS BY AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! It was harsh and do you know how many went to church? 2 and we are gonna baptize one this Saturday.  The other can't get baptized because her husband.  
Every day I am reminded to stay strong because the Second Coming is very close. Satan can't have anymore control than he does now on the hearts of men. I feel as though we are a wicked generation. It burns my heart to see such amazing people that I love reject what I know IS SO TRUE!!! It hurts me to know that they might not have another chance to recieve this gospel and I wonder if they will ever acept it again. 
The good news is that we made a plan to reactivate the men in the ward because in priestood on sunday we have 6 us 2 missionaries then the quorum pres. and 3 youth so we set dates for every day this week so they can accompny us to pass by the inactives to reactivate them by presenting a strong friend that is a member a strong member. I could really use a Bishop Sheppard or a Bishop Paulsen or Bishop Littlejohn down here to give us some ideas and to have the love and dedication that i have seen in them because although our bishop wants to help, he just doesn't get it fully. 
I love what I am doing and I love this area but it isnt easy but I know that the Lord will prep the way. 
I cant say this week was very eventful but i can say we had a lesson with 23 people GROUP X! We started a group with my convert and she just invites friends like crazy to listen to us and they all come so i am hoping we will be able to get some more groups and baptize like alma and nephi to baptize 100s or 1000s. I know it will take faith and hard work but hey it is the only way to truly receive the celestial glory. I love you all so much and everything is going great. We are strating to change this area a lot but if you could keep our names in your prayers i know things will be even better. I love you all AND CONGRATS KEEGAN TO BE A BYU STUDENT!!!! I am so proud and we will be out there together in january!!!! Love Elder Darby

June 11, 2012

Nativity sets don't exist just a ton of fireworks but you can find some sweet other souvenirs for sure and Mom, I hate thinking or planning what I will do when my mission ends because it will be sad but COME ON DOWN!!!! I am excited to show you some sweet places but better yet show you the culture and to visit my converts to make sure they are all active.  
This week was very interesting and i learned a very valuable lesson that when blessings come down think they will last forever. So wednesday we had a lesson planned and we decided to ask a member to invite just a bunch of friends to come and it turned out we taught a group of 14 people and they were all new investigators.  Tthe best part is that we learned that the only reason Nephi or Alma baptized so many is because they taught in groups and baptized in groups. It was soo cool because we took out baptism dates with the 12 investigators that were there and also 10 went to CHURCH!!! It was a miracle and the best part is we have now started the best secret of missionary work and that is to teach in groups. The best part is president loves this idea and tomorrow we are going to teach our whole zone of Salta. I am so excited because baptisms will sky rocket. It was a miracle that in this area we were able to find 15 new people to teach and they all want to get baptized.I am really excited to give this a try and i will let youall know how well i goes. we are looking o have about 20 or more to teach this wednesday so wish me luck. 

June 4, 2012 WE BAPTIZED

WE BAPTIZED!!!!! It was so great because we baptized franco and of course it was testimony sunday so right after his confirmation he got up and bore his testimony!!!! It was such a great moment because his mom isnt a member and even bore hers and said, "I am glad my son has taught me the way now it is just my choice to take the next step!!!". So great because we are turning things around and getting ready to baptize more and more - not for the numbers but because these people need to be saved. Who knows if they will have another oppurtunity to better things!!!
I got Danielles package today so I have recieved all of them and absolutely loved them!!! The coke bottles to the little toys, to the other candies, cotton candy. I imagine how big the market is in the states and how there are more brands and so many varieties.
Its cold here and the weather is freezing!!! I hope we have snow this year because I haven't seen snow up close in a long time!!!
PDay, we play every monday now so it is fun as can be to watch the other two north americans fall and trip and just do terribly. The best part is that we play with little 11 year olds and the other elders just getted burned by all of them. But lets see, ice cream is really cheap here, I can buy a whole kilo of really good ice cream for only 2 dollars so that is a fun treat to keep me gaining weight. So not really much has changed. I love my companion because he puts so much trust in me to do everything so it is kinda nice. I am loving it here and we have the greatest lunches now because we eat soup with every meal and of course and Argentine meal wouldn't be complete without bread, which i am so addicted to now. It is really weird to eat without bread now. I am glad to hear you are all going into summer because once summer ends I will be there to enjoy the cold coming from the heat down here in Argentina. Well so this is about it let me know if you have any questions so i can write better emails. Love you all Elder Darby

May 28, 2012

Well once again  I am here and things are good but not perfect. I am loving the area but it is HARD!!! I have to say my faith hasnt been as strong as I wanted it to be but I can feel the change. I love my companion but he doesnt really talk in the lessons!!! He just stares at me then after says Darby that was great!!! 
Things are going good we are teaching a lot of people and never have time but they are not progressing or getting baptized either because there is someone in their family that doesnt want them to or they arent married and want to wait. I have really learned how to be direct and I am seeing a bit of a change. Many of the inactive families are coming again and we have about 7or 8 investigators every sunday in church but just wont take that next step of baptism. It is really beating on my positivity a little but as you all know, I keep the smile and will never drop it. 
ANYWAYit is starting to get cold here and that means lazier people and harder circumstances when we tell people they have to walk to church at 9am when it is cold and windy. But other than that I love the cold it is a lot easier to work and we arent sweaty or anything!!! So the weather keeps going cold to hot hot to cold but soon it will hit the cold part and once again i am in the coldest part of the mission. I was in north Salta last winter and now southern Salta. How lucky haha. Lets see what else,oh this last week I wanted to learn to make milanesa and it was the best and even my latino companion said it was great. So that was exciting and we played soccer today and I am doing so much better at playing because I scored 5 goals and it was north americans verse latinos and we so won!!! 
Also this last week got my haircut and sure enough when you tell the hair cutter to cut with a four apparently a 2 on the sides and a 3 on top is what I wanted!!! It is terrible, I will have to send a picture next week but sure enough they all ask what happened to your head why do you have a scar. So things havent changed on that question except that it is in spanish. 
There are so many great people and they are fun to teach but we are trying to figure out how we can get some more in the water. My comp. said just yesterday. Darby I heard you have baptized a lot and I was so excited to come here and I know if you made that miracle before God will surely bless you with it again. Hopefully these emails will be saying WE BAPTIZED in a couple more weeks.
I want to thank as well everyone that sent me a happy birthday email it was great being able to remember that I have such a great family friends and cousins, and uncles and aunts. It truly was great to be able to see some pics . Well everything is going great here and i am excited to start a new week and get out and work to make you all proud and to bless you all with my diligence. Love Elder darby