Saturday, September 8, 2012

27 August 2012 Best Testimony!

Honestly don't feel bad for what you write because there is no way that I could walk into a non funcioning family and say it can't be fixed!!!! Mom we "better" families everyday. We commit people to throw their drunk boyfriends out of the house and they do it. I know that there are bad families but it is normal. The prophets teachings say that this will happen in the last days. 
Satan entered the heart of one and that one WOLF as the prophets say, influenced the others to fall as well.  The gospel can heal the worst house in the world. I have seen so many miracles and families of 20 come back to church after so many heart aches. The best part is that you all go to church.  There are so many things that will be changed and now I have learned every single method there is to better a family that has had any type of problem. Mom if you want to feel better look up the talk by DALLIN H. OAKS ON DIVORCE!!! It is so great and he just explains it all. Also look up the talk NOBODY WAS WITH HIM, JEFFEREY R. HOLLAND!!! They will change you in so many ways.  I download talks every monday to listen during the week. 
I testify to you all that no matter how alone, no matter how afflicted or painful or difficult a situation is IT CAN BE WORSE but God is aware of you and he is ready to help!!! God doesn't bless us if we murmur to him and give when times are hard and he doesn't only bless us when times are good, great and jolly. He blesses us when we feel like there is no hope, when there is nothing left, when the days or situation can't get better. You can imagine Jesus Christ when he was alone in the garden of getsemani and came back to see his friends his disciples sleeping more than once. He was alone in the worst moment of his life. Taking upon all the pains of the people who have ever lived are living and those who will live. 
Now think of yourself. Don't ever be like Nephis brothers or even his Dad Lehi who only complained once. Be the younger brother that he was and like the scriptures say RISE AND SHINE!!!! Dont ask God where are you but find him. I can promise you that this mission has not been easy that I came not knowing even 4 words of spanish and left lessons crying.  I kneeled down every night to beg my Father in Heaven to bless my tongue so I could just speak. I didn't realize in that time but I was sinning. I was telling God to free me of this pain and trial when I realized that that is not what He wanted me to do. 
He wanted me to smile and just have patience to be able to wait and apply myself to better. I now after more than a year kneel every night thanking my Father in Heaven for the trials I have, thanking him for the family I was given. Not because it is broken or separated but because I am who I am because God gave me this path. I accepted this even before I came here to this earth. I have been woken up and it took me a day flight and being in an unknown place dedicating 2 years to him. If I complain, I am not bettering the situation but just letting satan discourage me. 
I ask you all to choose who you will serve because the scriptures say this day choose who you will serve!!! Not every change takes time but know that every journey or trip begins with one STEP!! Take that step not to satan but to God. Satan desires that we are all miserable like him that he can drag us down make us complian feel hatred for each other.  God is right now preparing A MANSION for his saints that stay strong that forgive one another that love and help. All he asks is that we have no other Gods or anything that becomes more important than him and his commandments. Keep the commandments. Follow him and i know he will have a reward so sweet so great that we aren't even capable of imagining. 
My favorite hymn is Love One Another. We sing it in almost every lesson because if we do it in the home, we will have peace and the best line of that song is LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!!! So I ask: do you love your brother or sister or Mom or Dad as much as God loves you? Would you be willing to give up everything as God gave up his son to suffer for us? I see so many companionships who struggle to get along. I see so many families who are split and hurt. I see all the sins the wickedness and lies in the world and it hurts my heart. I am not perfect but stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking that oh it is normal or everyone does it. Because God's saints, God's true disciples don't. 
I love you all and I promise to always be a support in every moment whether you are getting married like Alix or moving away like Mom and Dad just put your faith and trust in God and nothing that is TOO HARD OR IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT will happen. We are given the gospel in its fullness and that is all we need to endure. Dont just follow the gospel but truly live it. I love you all Elder Darby

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