Saturday, September 8, 2012

30 July 2012

WE have 2 baptisms for this saturday so as long as everything goes smoothly my comp. will be able to baptize his last week on his mission!!!! His going home has made me think alot and it is really starting to become something real!!!! THE MISSION WILL END!!!! Right now it hurts but I have to admit this whole talk about so many activities that I haven't done in 2 years is making me feel a little better about going home. My next transfer starting monday will be interesting because I will stay here without a doubt but after this next one, I will either stay in my area to DIE!!! Or i will be switched out to go somewhere else so we will find out what happens!!! 
I love this area and we are having a lot of success, I know there is so much more to do. So lets see, oh yeah this week was quite a week.  Saturday I got hit with something just terrible and all day Saturday i was bed bound.  My comp. made me tea and tried to help me. I kept telling him I am not a child and I want to work so after the sixth time at about 5pm I got up to go work and made it to the door and then ran to the bathroom and yeah lets just say i threw up quite a bit. I kept leaving the door open so he could hear and giving him thumbs up. It was honestly hilarious!!!! I would have to say it brought back many memories of going to San Francisco with the Danielle, the buffet in Sacramento with all the cars around and other choice times I got sick. It was nice though because I got to relax for a day and take it easy, we watched every church movie and read every liahona. 
When the others elders came back Saturday night, they forced me to get a blessing and sunday I woke up happier than ever. Sunday went great and today we even climbed a huge hill in a beautiful little town. It was a blast. 
As you can all tell I am always excited and happy, these trials are just a short time frame in the scheme of everything. The stake president here now plans activities for the stake and works with the bishop as much as possible. 
I now i have the vision and have set goals and know what I need to do to be successful. It gets me excited because I can ONLY do it all with the help from my Savior. I love him and he lives me. I love what pres. Thomas Monson has said, What a sweet sentence this is I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES!!! I can just feel the spirit everyday and the way it works through some of the hardest or closed people. It enlightens the minds of so many and is something i will strive to always have. I love you all Elder Darby

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