Saturday, September 8, 2012

20 August 2012

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  1. YOU DID IT AND FINALLY REALIZED YOU SUCCEDED AS A TRUE LATTER DAY SAINT MOTHER!!!! How does it feel? haha but seriously we live in the worst of times and we had a tough house but hey you did it!!!! Wait till you see what I've got in store for the family haha. It will be great to get some unity going on and it will so happen. Mom you got me kinda excited to go home!!! I am way excited to see everyone and especially the danester and the family!!! Things will be just so emotional and now that I am an emotional wreck, I will be hit with such love from my own family that I haven't seen in 2 years!!!! It is gonna be one heck of a day.
    SO THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! I got my papers about going home today and it asks:
    1. Are your parents coming to get you? My answer is NO
    2.What airport will you be flying into for your final destination? Let me know if it will be san francisco or not
    3.My flight is the 12th of December in the morning so I will be home hopefully the 13th
    4.Just get the family together and call up Danielle and anyone else that you would like because from there we can go to the stake president be released and then party it up!!!!
    WOW I AM COMING HOME!!!! How weird!!!
    Anyway I have more than 3 months. Things in the area were great this last week of course once again we BAPTIZED!!!! Directly after his mom wanted to be baptized as well so we are working on her getting married or kick her boyfriend out of the house. As missionaries it is pretty entertaining.
    Lets see, so this last week the baptism went great and we now have a ward mission leader!!! He is like the mirror image of CRAIG FORD!!!! I kid you not, I will have to send pictures but he is so cool. Honestly a miracle because we reactivated him and he is now so excited to work with us. This whole stake is getting so much better. As of 2 months ago we now have the highest number of active members and we are baptizing like crazy!!!! All the missionaries are just so excited!!! The best part is that this week we have interviews with the president so I look forward to hearing whatever it is he has to say. He speaks with such power.
    The weather changed really fast it was never very cold and now the cold weather is over. And it is hot, meaning RAIN SEASON!!!!! The rain is so great here because it will be like 100 degrees in the morning and in the afternoon just pores and forms floods in the street - actually rivers in the streets. The best part is that no one leaves their house so that means we can have all the lessons that we have time for haha. Always a plus and a minus but rain is so a plus except for sunday moring because if it rains no one goes to church.
    But enough with that!!!
    The hymn is so true put your shoulder to the wheel push along and do it with a heart full of song. I love this Hymn and it always comes in my head when times get tough. I found a talk from Gordon B Hinckley and he uses it in his talk so I imagine it in his voice!!!! Just funny how a missionaries mind works.
    I am so excited about the rededication of the temple in Buenos Aires!!!! We are so lucky to be here because they are gonna broadcast it in the stake center here so we will be able to enter and see how awesome it will be.