Saturday, September 8, 2012

18 June 2012

So what are you gonna do with your giant house now? Are you gonna move? Look into the beach house or what? I remember you once told me that when my last son graduates high school, I will have the uhaul ready to go to the beach and live there. So is it true? Can you smell the ocean? Haha mom, I love you soo much and I am sorry I am not that great at these emails but it is hard because I work so hard everyday and am not much of a jokester or a pranker but rather an obedient hard worker. I realized that I will not come home and tell dangerous stories or great pranks but rather show the success and the people that God changed through me. It is weird because I know when an elder came home, I wanted to know all the dangerous and funny stories but I will feel bad because I dont have very many. I am just too focused on the investigators and work to think of pranks and other things. I mean our mondays don't consist of any traveling or funny activities but rather buffets and studies. 
This week was interesting because no matter how many investigators we taught this week we decided to drop them ALL!!! I honestly mean that we have one person to teach and are gonna turn our finding talents on because we want new people that actually want to progress because no matter how much we try and try to change these people they don't want to go to church.  We stated this to them all...IF YOU DONT GO TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY AND REALLY DONT WANT US TO PASS BY AND HELP YOU THEN WE WILL NEVER PASS BY AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! It was harsh and do you know how many went to church? 2 and we are gonna baptize one this Saturday.  The other can't get baptized because her husband.  
Every day I am reminded to stay strong because the Second Coming is very close. Satan can't have anymore control than he does now on the hearts of men. I feel as though we are a wicked generation. It burns my heart to see such amazing people that I love reject what I know IS SO TRUE!!! It hurts me to know that they might not have another chance to recieve this gospel and I wonder if they will ever acept it again. 
The good news is that we made a plan to reactivate the men in the ward because in priestood on sunday we have 6 us 2 missionaries then the quorum pres. and 3 youth so we set dates for every day this week so they can accompny us to pass by the inactives to reactivate them by presenting a strong friend that is a member a strong member. I could really use a Bishop Sheppard or a Bishop Paulsen or Bishop Littlejohn down here to give us some ideas and to have the love and dedication that i have seen in them because although our bishop wants to help, he just doesn't get it fully. 
I love what I am doing and I love this area but it isnt easy but I know that the Lord will prep the way. 
I cant say this week was very eventful but i can say we had a lesson with 23 people GROUP X! We started a group with my convert and she just invites friends like crazy to listen to us and they all come so i am hoping we will be able to get some more groups and baptize like alma and nephi to baptize 100s or 1000s. I know it will take faith and hard work but hey it is the only way to truly receive the celestial glory. I love you all so much and everything is going great. We are strating to change this area a lot but if you could keep our names in your prayers i know things will be even better. I love you all AND CONGRATS KEEGAN TO BE A BYU STUDENT!!!! I am so proud and we will be out there together in january!!!! Love Elder Darby

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