Saturday, September 8, 2012


2 weeks ago we passed by a sister that is inactive, she is 56 and told us she needed help. So we respond. She said "you all know I believe in blessing the sick and know a family that asked me for help and they have a daughter. She is 12 and she is in the hospital and the problem is that she isn't eating, can't walk, can barely even talks and is ready to give up". "The doctors said that they don't know what is wrong and were ready to send her to Buenos Aires and it would put the family in a real debt".  
We were called and on tuesday, which was 2 weeks ago, we went to see her in the hospital.  For 2 days I was prayed for a healing miracle but not really believing that it would make a change for this little girl.  We show up to give this girl the blessing and seeing her brought tears to my eyes as she was so young, so lifeless in bed with no hope in her eyes. We greeted her and talked a little bit and explained the blessing to her and she chose me to give her the blessing. As my comp. blessed the oil, I remembered in matthew, Jesus Christ was asked from his disciples"who is the best in the glory of God" Jesus Christ put a young child in front of them and said if a man doesn't humble himself and come unto me like this child in no way will he be received in the glory of God!!! 
I honestly was overcome with so much love for this child that laid there so sick and helpless. We placed our hands on her sweet little head and I saw her close her eyes and smile!! This was the best smile I have ever seen in my life and as I gave this blessing; "Angela, you will rise from this bed but for now just wait and with your faith you will be free to walk and smile and share your light with the world around. Don't let discouragement fill your mind but rather hope and love for your family and your Father in Heaven."
When i finished she looked up at me and said thank you as the tears were just rushing out of my eyes. So this last week we got news from her family. Angela wasnt sent to Buenos Aires to be checked. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her!!  Angela got out of bed by herself, walked, ate and just the other day we talked with her grandma and she thanked us and told us we were "angels sent from God to heal her". 
Kinda amazing to experience and witness this for myself!!
This last week changed everything for me. I knew she would get better and as she was in bed in the hospital she read the book of mormon, prayed just like we told her and we promised her she would get better with her faith!!  
This wasn't just luck or just a small thing that happened but a true miracle from God. 
I have prayed for many testimony building experiences but to witness this was amazing.  I am so grateful to be here working for the Lord my savior doing his work and holding His priesthood. 
Don't get lost in the things that aren't important in life and focus on the things that are and that will last forever. I love you all Elder Darby

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