Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012

So what a week and yeah I am with old companions because our president said I am good at keeping old missionaries excited all the way to the end. I mean I never really talk about home or anything with my companions we always just talk about the investigators and how we are gonna baptize. The craziest thing happened this week and it really has hurt. This last Thursday I was sleeping on our bunk bed on top and actually fell off in the middle of the night without knowing and once I hit the concrete floor, I woke up. IT HURT!!! I have some nice bruises on my thigh but it hasn't stopped the fact that we are still working. I don't remember what happened at all, I don't know if it was a bad dream or what but I created a phrase like keegan that says 'please help me that I don't fall off the bed at night'.  
It was quite a classic because when I hit the ground I looked up and the other elders looked at me and said DARBY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! I just gave the best answer by saying, 'man i have no idea'!!! There faces were classic, they just looked so puzzled at 4am. It hurt but I didn't hit my head on anything so I got lucky, just my thigh and my heels are a little bruised. It was funnier than painful. I found out that my companion is 26 years old!!! He is an oldy because he was inactive for a couple years got reactivated and left on the mission. I told him man by the time I'm your age, I will have children!!! He is a great elder just a little shy so I over power him a lot in lessons. He may not be loud when he talks but when he sleeps he roars!!! I swear he came Monday and by Tuesday night, I kicked him out and now he sleeps in the kitchen all alone. He honestly makes the loudest noises. Tuesday we were all exhausted because we didn't sleep even a minute with his snoring and grudge noises. 
This truly has been an epic time in this apartment with the other elder splitting his chin open and getting stitches, me falling off the bunk bed and now my companion is a sleeping bear. I JUST LOVE THE MISSION!!! Such a fun time. The best part is that Sunday there is a convert who is 18 and her mom is die hard evangelist but after 4 months of listening to missionaries we taught a lesson with her on Saturday and she came to church!!!! It was great because her daughter had a talk and was just bawling saying, 'if it'wasn't for elder darby she wouldn't be here. I felt way bad and told her that it wasnt me, it was the spirit and she wouldn't let that one go. The best part, her mom now wants to get baptized but first has to get married. She pulled out her shotgun and put it to her husbands chest and said, 'we either get married or you leave the house, which one will it be'!!! My reaction was a really big smile because not only did her faith grow a ton but she just freaked her husband out so bad. So we are gonna get her married in a couple weeks and then baptize her IN A RIVER!!! I know I've said I was gonna baptize in a river once and we didn't but if she can put a shotgun to her husbands chest, I am pretty sure we will do what she says, haha. She is honestly the coolest lady in the world.  She sells empanadas and bread during the week and is one of the best in Salta meaning she was in the newspaper. She is awesome. 
We finally received permision to baptize a few teens so I am feeling the turn in the area and I know we will be able to change this place into the best area on the mission. I wouldn't be a true Darby if I couldn't take on a true challenge right? I love you all Elder Darby

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