Saturday, September 8, 2012

9 July 2012

Wow that was truly an incredible email that you just wrote, mom!!!!  I have to say that Mom it must be tough and now I have had so much time to think back on my life and think how truly strong you were. I have had many hard times out here but you know what I learned from you was to put a smile on and don't ask why me but rather start and progress. I read my comps. journal the other day and it said he admired me for my smile and how we would have the hardest time and I would smile and say, "satan really wants to destroy us right elder? and you know why? because we are studs and we are stopping him from succeeding so what are we gonna do? let satan get us down or change his attitude and sift him as wheat? 
I think it was funny when he showed me this because he is a very self concious kid and clearly doesn't get a lot of love but I love his humility and how respectful he is. I can't say he is strong or powerful in the lessons but he has such love. He truly is an example for me because I am totally the opposite!!!  This was my good experience to know that he isn't the only one who is watching me and watching all my actions because there are others and, of course, I want to make my Father in Heaven happy!!! 
Mom you taught me everything I needed to know to be out here. How to put a smile on when things are terrible, how to stay organized and of course how to talk and socialize. I always see other elders and how fear to speak or say the truth is present and I realize I'm so blessed not because I have divorced parents or a lot of hatred but because I have 2 parents who love me separately and that no matter what, am sealed to them to be with the strongest one hopefully in the celestial kingdom. 
This week truly was a test of faith, I have been fasting and praying a lot and truly searching for Gods help as much as possible and it is paying off. People are going to church people are reading the book and people are gladly letting us in to their houses. I am so thankful to be out here, to humble myself and to be so responsible of so many people and their salvation. There is no better feeling to know that what we teach someone can and will change their lives. I love this work and I love this culture.  It will be hard to come back and to be back in the real world but this is just the start.  I mean, if we can find 12 people in one day to teach and convince them to go to church and drop addictions just imagine what change we can make our entire life. 
This week was fantastic because we had the zone conference with our mission president and it was great. I was able to plan lunch and taught an hour to 28 missionaries. It was a great experince and I know that it is something that I just love to do. SHARE THIS GOSPEL!!!! It is true and I am a true servant of our Savior Jesus Christ. There is no better title in the world. I love you all and ask you to stay strong, forgive one another, an argument will get you nowhere but an example and a hug can change someones life forever. Be obedient stay truthful and remember we arent here for our own benefit we are here to earn our eternal life. Love Elder Darby

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