Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 September 2012

This week was great we BAPTIZED AGAIN!!!  This little boy was a boss, he told us that he was ready because God answered his prayers. Then sunday we found a 16 yr old and we will baptize him in 2 weeks.  The attendance of the ward is going up like crazy so things are looking great here in miracle city!!! I love the name and i love the faith me and my comp. have now. I mean we are so focused and honestly we have been teaching like crazy passing almost evereyone in lessons and our baptisms are continuing to happen. 
I love the line from the warriors because we are in Cuidad del Milagros and this is WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!!! There are so many people to teach and so many more to baptize, we are gonna call 10 ward missionaries and our ward mission leader has a car so we always are driven around it is just the best!!!! I realize a car sounds normal in the states but here, 1 family in every 56 or more has a car, it is rare. 
The members just love us and we have the best lunches with them. I am loving the food the work and of course the baptisms every week truly make for a great bonus!!!! I love this place and i think my comp. now hates dogs because one bit him the other day in the pinky and it is a gnarly scar haha. I got lucky!!! 
The weather changed there goes the cold and now it is hot so i am still debating what to do with all my warm weather clothing if I leave them or not. I love you all and i will see you in 3 months!!!! I have not one doubt that this is the Lords work and there is no better joy than hearing someone want to be baptized and now it is happening a ton to us so i couldn't be any happier or sadder to go home. haha Love you alll Elder Darby

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