Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012

So what a week and yeah I am with old companions because our president said I am good at keeping old missionaries excited all the way to the end. I mean I never really talk about home or anything with my companions we always just talk about the investigators and how we are gonna baptize. The craziest thing happened this week and it really has hurt. This last Thursday I was sleeping on our bunk bed on top and actually fell off in the middle of the night without knowing and once I hit the concrete floor, I woke up. IT HURT!!! I have some nice bruises on my thigh but it hasn't stopped the fact that we are still working. I don't remember what happened at all, I don't know if it was a bad dream or what but I created a phrase like keegan that says 'please help me that I don't fall off the bed at night'.  
It was quite a classic because when I hit the ground I looked up and the other elders looked at me and said DARBY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! I just gave the best answer by saying, 'man i have no idea'!!! There faces were classic, they just looked so puzzled at 4am. It hurt but I didn't hit my head on anything so I got lucky, just my thigh and my heels are a little bruised. It was funnier than painful. I found out that my companion is 26 years old!!! He is an oldy because he was inactive for a couple years got reactivated and left on the mission. I told him man by the time I'm your age, I will have children!!! He is a great elder just a little shy so I over power him a lot in lessons. He may not be loud when he talks but when he sleeps he roars!!! I swear he came Monday and by Tuesday night, I kicked him out and now he sleeps in the kitchen all alone. He honestly makes the loudest noises. Tuesday we were all exhausted because we didn't sleep even a minute with his snoring and grudge noises. 
This truly has been an epic time in this apartment with the other elder splitting his chin open and getting stitches, me falling off the bunk bed and now my companion is a sleeping bear. I JUST LOVE THE MISSION!!! Such a fun time. The best part is that Sunday there is a convert who is 18 and her mom is die hard evangelist but after 4 months of listening to missionaries we taught a lesson with her on Saturday and she came to church!!!! It was great because her daughter had a talk and was just bawling saying, 'if it'wasn't for elder darby she wouldn't be here. I felt way bad and told her that it wasnt me, it was the spirit and she wouldn't let that one go. The best part, her mom now wants to get baptized but first has to get married. She pulled out her shotgun and put it to her husbands chest and said, 'we either get married or you leave the house, which one will it be'!!! My reaction was a really big smile because not only did her faith grow a ton but she just freaked her husband out so bad. So we are gonna get her married in a couple weeks and then baptize her IN A RIVER!!! I know I've said I was gonna baptize in a river once and we didn't but if she can put a shotgun to her husbands chest, I am pretty sure we will do what she says, haha. She is honestly the coolest lady in the world.  She sells empanadas and bread during the week and is one of the best in Salta meaning she was in the newspaper. She is awesome. 
We finally received permision to baptize a few teens so I am feeling the turn in the area and I know we will be able to change this place into the best area on the mission. I wouldn't be a true Darby if I couldn't take on a true challenge right? I love you all Elder Darby

May 13, 2012

OK my companion is next to me the new one and the funniest part is that I thought he would be with me for about six months but he goes home in 3 months!!!! Once again i will be KILLING a missionary. He seems great we were already laughing and joking around and the best part he is ALSO from Buenos Aires!!!! So i will be speaking some amazing spanish after my mission!!! It is fun because he is an oldy on the mission and he seems really excited to be with me so I can't say I am dissapointed. 
Haha same old miracle city as my area being hard but remember God knows why we get put together and I have a feeling we might make a big dent in this area. I loved my last companion Elder Parraga but the one thing was he talked a lot so I never really said a ton in lessons so I wasn't as loved by our investigators.  Now it should be different because I am the one who somewhat knows the area and all the investigators. 
Of course the phone call home was a highlight with Keegan becoming the pranker and Erik being sick and all sounding great as always. I can't believe that was my last call on the mission and the next time I will be with Mom calling right before my flight home!!!! I don't know what it will be like to see everyone with a car and nice clothes and of course MORE THAN 4 TEETH!!! 
Ohh i am just so amped to have a new companon and do be able to just lead the area and drop the investigators that we need to drop. I feel like the one problem with any missionary is that there are those investigators that are your best friend that will give you any food or tea or other things when you want but will never go to church or get baptized and missionaries continue to pass by just to waste time. I am honestly feeling the turn right now to be able to truly give this area all I have to leave the Darby title here forever. 
I was told by the bishop to tell my family that he was grateful that I came because he likes my attitude but when I heard your voices, I forget to say it. I love the ward and the members but it is true we work alone here but hey, I always felt it is easier alone that with others. It will be great to learn from a missionary older than me on the mission because there aren't many!!! I hope you can all see how happy I am and how grateful I am to have my family backing me everyday!!! Today was great because I opened my email today in the offices and about 10 missionaries saw how many emails I had and said 'wow Darby your family hasn't forgotten about you?' I said nope and was so proud to say yes!  I can't tell you how many parents stop writing their elders that president has to call the parents!!! But as seperated as we might seem there is no love like the Darby love. I miss you all sooo much. I am sorry Mom that I never said happy mothers day, I was just soo lost when I was talking and I apologize if I didn't answer your questions well enough or ask any questions but just know I will be home in 6 months and we can talk alll you want. 
It is funny that no one knew about me blasting my companion in the face with a fireball and you all seemed to laugh! That was in my first area, I have so many more stories like that and a lot of rat killing ones. I love you all and am ALWAYS praying as hard as I can for each one of you.
I hope there is not a sad day in any of your lives because no day should be sad if we do what God wants because I know that even if we lose it all, we will never loose Gods comfort if we stay obedient!!! That was pure revelation to write that and I know this might sound weird but I feel as if it is important. Family, I invite every single one of you to try and help someone this week because one of you will have a great experience of someone who truly needs your help. Keep an eye open and I will be excited to hear your experince in my next email!!! I love you all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 23, 2012

Mom i got your email ontime so you are good. Wow i am filled with just
the weirdest feelings knowing that i dont know my nephew and that my
sister Alix is getting married who would have thought? So you liked my
letter or talk?
So about my area it is TOUGH!!! Like like the typical Jujeños that I love
but more like salteños that are die hard catholics even when we give a
health blessing and they heal right after. They still don't believe. I
can't believe how hard hearted people are to what we have to share. But
either way I know my smile has brought more success than anything else
just to stay happy and energized. It has been tough because my
companion is going home in 3 weeks and he is just way to negative
about the bishop here and the success that sure we are working but he
doesn't believe in the investigators that we have anymore. He is
incredible the way he teaches but there is no more love coming from
his words and they just leave without feeling. And yes I said I never
read the bible but now I have finished the new testament and am on
round 2 to finish it once again so I can use it a lot more with these
catholics. I mean there are lessons that we teach so well with such a
spirit and yet the person says I think I can feel like this in any
church. I have realized that we can't respond and say no but rather ask
why and come to a good conclusion. It is so tough but it has been so
fun to have been thinking so much and more profound studies of the
scriptures and doctrine. I truly do love it here and i hope it sounds
like i am loving it. Although we had a sweet miracle the other day and
it was so cool. What happened was we found this girl a few weeks ago
and never went to church but just yesterday during the second class i
was teaching gospel priciples and told my comp. I am leaving to find
an investigator because no one is here. So I took a member that was
hilarious. So we passed by about 10 people and no one so finally I was
exhausted and just felt bad till finally I remembered this girl. So I
ask the member can you walk a little farther I've got one more person we
can try. So we went and this girl comes out of her house with the
shortest shorts showing everything because they were clear and a clear
bra. It was nasty but I told her you have 5 minutes to change and come
to church so we talked and my Darby convincing skills turned on. So
after 10 minutes she said ok I  will change. So she changed and we
walked her to church. We started in silence because you could tell she
hated me because I was so pushy. So finally I asked her a question.
Do you like Eminem?  She looked at me and we just chatted it up all the
way to church(20 minute walk) so we arrived just on time for sacrament
and the member I was with had a talk. So our investigator (she is 18)
sat down and I invited over the other girls and they all tried to talk
to her but she wouldnt talk so the sacrament started and about halfway
through she grabs my hand and yanks me out to the hallway. So I went
and said what happened? she said Darby you are the only one that makes
me feel good can I sit next to you so I said sure and she just started
crying and told me how she wanted someone to help her last night so
she remembered how I told her to pray and she did it and I passed by
her house. She said she was sorry for being so stubborn but didn't
remember that she prayed until I asked her about Eminem because Eminem
was playing while she prayed!!!!  So we are gonna see how she is tomorrow.
THIS WAS A MIRACLE!!! I was so shocked because I thought she was about
to slap me and say why did you drag me here but luckily I was placed
in the right moment to respond to the impression that I received. I
can't tell you how crucial it is to listen to the spirit. I realized it
is everyting. God loves us and we are only his instruments so we need
to stand up and show off every talent that we got. I love you all and
am always working to make you proud. Love Elder Darby

Alix's Wedding!! April 30, 2012

There is no better phrase than we are the Darbys and we love humor!!! Because just from that i can imagine every thing that went on for the wedding. The good jokes, funny toasts and so much more. I bet it was a great experince but I can say that my last week was one of the best moments on my mission!!!! So yes last sunday miracle with the girl who changed and came to church but we caught her smoking so there went that but maybe someday she will wake up. But the other miracle or 2 miracles were first my amazing question ´How would you feel if you killed God? so are you gonna do it?´
It was fantastic because this last Wednesday we finally found this one kid's house because we always taught him alone and we felt impressed to find his house and when we found it his sister asked´are you 2 the missionaries?´i got scared and wanted to say no but gladly we said yes and she said´I am alejandros sister but can I talk to you 2?´ so we agreed, went into her house and we talked for a little bit but she seemed like she was hiding something so I asked what's wrong and she told us she has plans to have an abortion in 2 days!!! You could imagine our reaction. I wanted to ask why but I just pulled out the bible and we shared the part where Christ says that children are the best in the kingdom of God and whoever receives one receives me. She looked at me and I asked my question. DO YOU WANT TO KILL GOD? 
She stated no and explained how bad things were and then we finished with a prayer and left. The next day I had a different companion and we taught her and she said 'hey I made my decision about the abortion' and my eyes got big and she said I DONT WANT TO KILL GOD!!! Then she said how after our lesson she said she went and prayed for the first time and after went to her families house. She said everything went fine that her husband wanted to keep the baby now and all her family. So you could just imagine how happy I got and right then I said will you be baptized this May and she said there is nothing else I would rather want then that!!!! So great this moment!!!! The best part was the companion who was with me that day because he just said ´dang, Darby how did you mange to get her to not abort? I told him the scripture and asked WOULD YOU KILL GOD!!! It was awesome and we had a great laugh.
Next great miracle was Maxi the drug addict!!! We taught him friday finally and it went so well because he responded so much to the questions and his mom over heard the conversation and sat down and listened then the sister then the other brother and then the aunt. It was like we taught the book of mormon five times because everyone wanted to know!!! The best part is that the Mom wanted to say the closing prayer and she said ´Thank you father for sending these 2 angels to save me and my family to bring us back together after the fight we just had!!!! I realized that they had just dropped so many bad words and so many terrible things but we entered and they felt the spirit cleanse there home and we ended up blessing their house.
Third miracle!!! Tuesday we were with a member and our planned baptism for last saturday writes a text to her saying I am done with the missionaries I am confused and want to give up what should I do. I yelled out read Ether chapter 12 and my comp. yelled out read Alma 32. We realized that Alma 32 was about the seed of the word and Ether was about the faith and how to grow the seed. It was pure revelation.  We went by Thursday expecting a rejection and she just had a huge smile and said ´I want to be baptized saturday so guess what? we baptized Saturday and I was able to baptize her on the day Alix got married!!  Now tell me that that isnt a miracle!!!! haha this week was honestly incredible and so much more happened that I realized it was weird to think my sister was getting married but God blessed me so much for what my family and sister were doing. I want you all to know i love you and yes i will see you all soon. Wish me luck to baptize on my birthday if we can haha Love Elder Darby

April 16, 2012

Well today is sweet because I am in the middle of Salta capital!!! It is beautiful and looks a lot like Spain, but its dirty and there are a lot more cultural things here. It is funny because never on my mission have I really wanted to go explore and be a tourist but here it actually sounds kinda fun. 
We have another baptism planned for Saturday so that should be great and more planned for the week after. The goal on the mission is to baptize every week and I am excited that myself and elder yates were the 2 elders to make it possible. 
I love my new area. I have to say the people are typical jujeños but they are salteños which means catholic and harder. So it has been a little tougher because now we are teaching deeper doctrine not just the basics and me and my comp. have the greatest doctrine talks together. I know it is hard for you all to believe I learned doctrine but after completing the new testament my eyes have really opened. Also i am hoping to finish it again but the time I call home on mothers day!!!! Can't wait to hear everyone again and to hear and say see you in a couple months. Like 7 or something like that. 
Things are gonna be great especially because I've served in 2 of the best providences in our mission and wont go to the 2 worst. haha everyone says I've had a rich spoiled mission. Although I have been in the toughest areas on the mission, it sure is nice to have cool weather and no real intense heat. I may not have the best stories about gangs or shootings but that clearly isn't what it is about. 
The best story or accomplishment will be able to say I know how to baptize every week and accomplished it. So I am working on it and in our area we are setting up our investigators really well. I think the best was my bus contact in front of like 25 people on a bus. We ended up passing by 10 of them and 4 went to church so it worked. I just love trying new methods to find people everyday. I love you all and will be working till the plane takes me out of here. Love you all Elder Darby

April 9, 2012

Things are great I got a couple emails from the elderes from my last district and they thanked me for my example. I just love being a missioinary it is really tiring but so rewarding. I finally understand the life of Joseph Smith, waking up fighting everyday waiting for the reward and finally it will come. 
My new companion is from Buenos Aires and I will finally be able to speak in spanish all day, everyday. He is so funny, I just love him and he is a good teacher. We do so well in lessons and we both love people so everyone is starting to love us. So sunday was fun!!! My first sunday and I had to do alot to participate. It started with a confirmation for a little boy we baptized then a 13 minute talk on Christ's life then we had to sing in the choir. It was so fun and then the closing prayer so I am pretty sure everyone heard my voice a little too much sunday. 
It was so powerful for me to truly be out here and to truly have the time and lessons to teach and remember Christ and what he did for us. I almost cried in every lesson when we read how much he truly suffered and I made a pledge that I will never sin again!!! haha, I wish but I am trying. 
So everything is great President called me today and said we are the new best zone with the most baptisms so that made me quite proud and we will only get better. It is amazing how we have 38 missionaries in the zone and we are aiming for 50 and we already have 30 so a few more weeks of april and 20 more. President said if we complete this goal his wife will cook me and my comp. a good lunch so we are both excited. But other than that I am happy and loaded with the spirit just trying my best always. I just wish that all of you can truly find the relationship with your Father like what I have found. The number one question to every missionary in my zone was Elder has the gospel brought a change to your heart. I asked everyone this and they are all so animated to baptize. Oh I am just so excited for Alix getting married and the mission. I love you all and have a great week!!!!Love always Elder Darby