Tuesday, September 18, 2012

17 Sept., 2012 - Transfer to Tucuman

Hey how are you because I am sweating sooooo bad!!!! I got transfered today to be in my last area on my mission and I am so excited!!! The mission president called me to tell me my specific mission to do in this area.  I am now in TUCUMAN!!!! Another province and the hottest one with the best work there is!!!! President Levrino called and said Elder Darby, I have a really special job for you!!!!( my heart dropped!!!) You are going to Tucuman to open an area that will be the best baptizing area on the mission!!! 
He said years ago it was the best but there is an elder there right now that doesn't want to be obedient and he doesn't know how to work well.  The Lord and I trust in you and want you to go and not have a responsability as a leader but just be the best missionary ever. Show this elder how to work and get him excited because he isn't excited at all. Work with the members and I guarantee you will have sucess that not even you can imagine!!!! 
Danielle, I am so excited, I have never been so willing to accept something so great as this calling To work!!! I am ready to just baptize like CRAZY!!!!! There are so many people that are gonna be ready and I know and of course God knows I am the one who can do it!!!  He trusts me so much that he has sent me to an area that will either be closed or stay open. He said you will work till the end of your mission and you need to lift that area up, get it baptizing like crazy and I will send 4 missionaries to your area to keep working there.  If not, it will be closed and no more elders will work there!!!! Talk about trust huh? 
We need to baptize enough so we can split the ward!!!! What a call right? Do  you think I can accomplish such a task? I ask you to pray for me to be able to find the prepared people here so we can enter their houses and baptize family after family!!!! I honestly believe I can baptize a ton here . I have that Darby determination and I will be informing you every week about the progress!!!!
I love being here in Argentina I am honestly gonna make the biggest step in missionary work here in this area.  We have a meeting with the bishop tonight and I am so excited to meet him and just get to work. I am pumped out of my mind. 
I will see you all in a few months, but for now I am with Elder Ipsen from Utah and we are gonna baptize like crazy. 
It is hot here in Tucuman but either way it means I will be losing some weight off my stomach finally haha Love Elder Darby

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