Friday, October 19, 2012

24 September 2012

SOOO WEIRD!!!!  I am so excited because as much as Roseville was great, I love the bay area as well. Plus it will be good to catch up with the friends I first had in high school and elementary school and so on. 
So Mom the other day I was thinking of who I could get to church after the mission right?  A really random name came into my head but do you remember lauren rammer? She was always so tight.  I will have to see her after for sure and I mean for like 30 minutes I was thinking of all the friends I would love to see again in Alamo. But the members in Roseville are so great!!! Lots of memories but hey, I am use to switching areas now haha. I am so pumped to get home be with everyone, go to school and work.  
I am so excited to just have such a spiritual life just based on the church. There is no better way to be blessed. 
So Tucuman villa alem AMAZING AREA!!!! I have to say I came here just ready to work and my comp. has changed a ton he is now super obedient.  We go running every morning and this last week we had so much success he would walk out of lessons and say "que capo!!"  which means like stud. He just said that his last comp. was a tough serious elder and just never involved him.  We have a great unity that we have baptisms planned like crazy!!!! WE baptized saturday and have hopefully 3 more for this saturday. I showed up and all the investigators had a couple doubts and after 2 lessons they now all want to get baptized all 14!!!!! So, I have a feeling we will be baptizing A TON!!!!! 
It is so exciting to come here and just find so many new people to teach and they went to church after only one lesson. I dont know if it is the area or our faith or excitement but whatever it is we are getting better. 
My comp. loves hearing all my nature stories and we are really good friends. He is such a nice innocent kid and ONLY CHILD!!!! hE SAYS YESTERDAY TO ME. ELDER DARBY YOU JUST MAKE MY MISSION FUN YOU JUST LIKE CHANGED IT FOR ME!!! I was so happy to know that and now we are just like brothers.  He speaks terribly but I am helping him because he has like 3 months in Argentina.  The investigators think I am really protective of him. It made us laugh but hey we are knocking it dead here. He always says"elder darby there is a family that had a few doubts but we could never help them but I know you can do it!!! So we went and as of now we have all 14 ready to get baptized in 3 weeks or less. 
I am so excited to be here it may be hot but the work is even hotter. I realize that this is my time to shine.  I am trained, prepped and ready to just baptize. The ward is the biggest in the mission and I am hoping we will baptize at least 50 or so if we can keep ourselves humble. This is so the best area and i am just gonna be glowing when i come home because of the success that there is here. All the members are great and the bishop is excited to work with us. 
I feel great because as I left my last area, I knew that I did a great work because attendences of the members and investigators went up, baptisms doubled and now the other elders are gonna baptize all that we were able to prepare. This is the work of the Lord and I know I am smack dab in the middle. Never will my service in this church end whether I have only a few weeks or months; this is the reason I came to this earth. To bulid up Zion and baptize and prep the saints for the judgment. I love it here and i will see you all in less than 3 months but for now it is time to hit the pavement and declare repentance unto all the inhabitants of this area!!!! I love you all Elder Darby

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