Wednesday, December 5, 2012

22 October 2012

Baptisms after baptisms and more baptisms!!!! Our purpose is explained as this to invite the highest number of people to come unto Christ through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing the faith we are finding in the people in this area. Everyone listens to us once or twice and says i want to be baptized. So our faces light up and we put a date on it. As of Sunday we have 8 baptism dates meaning 8 for sure baptisms for the end of this month and next month for sure. We are doing great in this area. President Levrine came this last week to give a conference and he used me and my mission as an example many times. It made me feel so good because I realize I am being the missionary that he wants me to be. It was so great to hear him share stories and ask me questions knowing exactly what I was gonna say. 
I am so excited because I know coming out of Salta in a tough area and enduring for months has brought so many blessings here. All those prayers to baptize to find more to teach to have more people go to church well it is happening now. It made me step back and truly realize how God knows exactly when we will need trials and when we will be blessed from them. I know this might sound weird but this last saturday we had 2 baptism services for 3 people and at the end of the last one I got hit with a sickness. That night I had the chills and I was very uncomfortable and couldn't sleep but sunday I woke up and felt not too great, but a little better. 
Then at church it was bad I felt weak, dizzy and achy. Usually when I get sick or was sick before I could be mad and try to fight it off as much as I could but sunday I listened to the talk by Henry B. Eyring he says he heard Spencer W. Kimball pray for mountains to climb. This brought a different look on how I was feeling, my attitude changed.  During the clases I felt bad and didn't listen or even pay attention but during sacrament meeting as they invited us to help with the confirmations.  I remember wobblying back and forth because I felt so sick but as we sat down and as I was taking the sacrament I thanked God for every sickness I have ever had. It shocked me that I said this because it was always terrible to be sick but it made me think so much on how we are given a body to be tested, to feel pain, have trials and in reality we accepted this before we even came to this earth. 
It is amazing as I still am a little drowsy I realized how much I love this work. Last night I was feeling bad and very weak but we went out and worked I was as pale as can be, my comp. didn't want us to leave but as we went out to work we had no success.  Imagine being as weak as I was having to walk for 2 hours with no success.  I started to pray in my mind to be able to have a miracle and as we passed a park the benches looked nice to sit down and as soon as we were gonna sit down we decided lets keep going. My comp. looked at me with his eyes wide open and said "are you serious you look like a zombie" I might have looked a little like a zombie but we walked another few blocks and found our convert that we baptized Saturday and both her parents. We went in and honestly taught the most amazing lesson to both the parents they are now willing to get married so that they can both get baptized. Honestly marriage was never an option for them but after this lesson they got excited. Directly after we got a call from a member and found out they were gonna watch the ressuration with a lot of non members and to our amazement they invited the family we were currently teaching, so we went together. It was incredible because we not only got a couple who now wants to get married but we found at least another 8 people that sat down and watched the ressuration with us. 
Then after the member of the house asked me to share a scripture so I shared Mosiah 2:41 consider the happy and blessed state of those who keep the commandments, the will dwell with God in an everlasting happiness. The spirit was so strong and I totally forgot I was even sick.  It was incredible to see how happy everyone was and to see all of our converts talking with the members being best friends. 
I forgot to mention that Sunday was mothers day so everyone in just about every house had really loud music and beer like crazy this is why we had no success because either our investigators parents were drunk or you couldn't find anyone in their house because they visited other families. So anyway this was truly a testimony grower for me to prove doctrine and covenants 50 'we are little children and we cannot bear all things now but we should believe in the grace of god'. None of those that my father sent will be lost. I realized that we will not be forgotten but we better pass this test. We need to be stronger than ever because we are in the last days. Like God says he knows we wont be able to bear all things now but we better not have excuses or exceptions because that is not what it means. Many times we think oh this doesn't apply to me but we need to always realize it is Gods will that matters in the end not ours. It is Gods law by which all men will be judged. Stay strong because it says who knows how many times in Doctrine and Covenants that Jesus Christ is close and is coming soon. I love you all and love you all sooo much. Love once again Elder Darby

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