Wednesday, December 5, 2012

29 October 2012

NO Saw movie how sad haha but just imagine you could be here and not even celebrate Halloween.  I can't even imagine how many people are gonna go to your old house and find out you moved they will all be so sad. 
Mom things are really interesting and about being sick well it was one day and I can't stop working it is just so fun always. All elders ask me why i love it so much and why i am always so excited. I tell them the same thing every time. Because it would be a waste if I had this testimony and didn't share it with everyone I encountered. That is my response and I just love it. I am always so excited and just so happy even when i was sick i thank my heavenly father for the sickness. 
Mom this work is incredible and today things really changed. So today transfers and I didn't leave but elder Ibsen left to go to my first area in Jujuy in Perico. How weird then elder Yates got called to my last area to be zone leader, and now my kid Elder Zulauf is in my district and just came today. Meaning new companion, new assignment. President Levrino called me and said "Darby you did it" "Ibsen is more excited than ever and now the Lord wants another favor, There is an elder who has packed his bags and wanted to go home 2 times on his mission and he is still in his first area and he has promised to stay one more transfer and you Elder Darby with the trust that me and the Lord have in you, I want you to get him excited and to make him want to stay and not go home because I just know you can do it and that if it doesn't work out, we will have to pull you both out of the area and I don't want to do that. Elder Darby keep baptizing you are doing great and i trust in you so much and just know you are so capable of doing this. I love you so much and will call in a couple weeks to see how you are doing." Talk about a responsibility because he got here and my comp. does not look happy at all I have been trying to crack jokes and trying to be really nice but I haven't cracked him quite yet although now he is talking a little more. 
So we will find out what happens haha. His name is Elder Ellsworth and I just know we are gonna rock this area on my last 6 week transfer. I am so excited as always and will keep you posted on how i do with my comp. and of course with this area. I love you all and lets just say miracles are happening here. This last Saturday we baptized 2 people then on Sunday a girl that is 17 years old went to church and after 4 years of talking to elders she said I want to be baptized so I said tonight and she totally got baptized last night so that tops off an amazing transfer with a great comp. and a mission well succeeded. I am so excited to be able to work my heart out in this last transfer and rest is so not an option there is just no time for everyone. The other great news is that this last week we found a couple that have been living together for years and we got them so excited to get baptized that they will be getting married this month. I am so excited and just know that the Lord is on our side. We are knocking it dead and i just know that with my new comp. we will be killing it some more. Everyone is excited to hear about this area even president. So we will find out. I love you all and want to wish you all one thing that i wont be celebrating and that is a 
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!! Love Elder Darby

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