Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 December 2012-Almost FINISH LINE

Ok so this is probably the worst moment of my entire life because I am now going to finish my time as a full time servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. The joy, the happiness, the friendships. All of these things will be coming to an end next monday. I truly can't believe at how much I have grown as a leader and as a dedicated worker. 
I have learned how to be in charge of groups of large people, I have learned how to deal with those that are out of line and with those that are just done with life. This last week elder ViƱas from the Seventy came to speak to us and it was great because I was able to give the spiritual thought and I loved being able to teach 130 missionaries in one room. Not only in a huge group but also in a foreign language. I am truly shocked at how 2 years has passed by and how much I was able to speak near-perfect in 2 weeks. I have seen so many miracles and have had so many in just 2 years. The fact it is coming to an end truly brings a very sad but hopeful feeling to my heart. 
I will leave behind the success and my Argentine family that I have been one of for 2 years and will be going back to being just a normal member of the church. The fame on the mission is great but it will be a hard time getting use to going back to a sick and perversed generation. I was able to give my testimony Sunday just yesterday and as I saw all my converts sitting in the sacrament meeting, I was able to see when they first heard us up to their confirmation as a member of the church. It was great because Saturday we had more baptisms and this Saturday we will be having more. Here in this area Villa Alem I was able to complete the family Rams that consists of Graciela the mom the daughter Guadalupe and the father Luis and the neighbor Jose. This last Sunday the other son who doesn't live in our area attended church as well and it was an incredible experience to see them and see how families can be blessed so much from the gospel. 
All I have learned, all I have felt centers on one thing and that is the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He made all this possible and he suffered every single pain there is in the world not only for him but for each and every one of us. I know the power that has hit me came through repentance and the faith in him. There is no better moment in history than that. 
I cry when I hear of the apostles as Christ says"Come follow me and I shall make you Fishers of Men." then after Christ died they went back to fishing and were visited again by the ressurected Jesus. Peter jumped out of the boat and they went back to shore and Jesus asked "Peter do you love me?" peter responded"of course i do thou knowest" Jesus then asked another time and the 3rd time he states"Peter do you love me more than all of this?" "yes of course i love you more than all of this" I love the statement by Jefferey R. Holland in the MTC and my last general conference "Then Elder Darby GO AND FEED MY SHEEP!!!"  I took this statement to my heart and it has made all the difference. I love this work and there is no way i could ever abandon it. 
In my testimony sunday I was crying because I felt the power of this work to see the most difficult the most stubborn the most rich people throw it all away because I completed my purpose to invite them to come unto Christ by the gospel. They did and that is why I am more than proud of the 2 years I have served. I will see you all so soon and I know that you will all see the change in me. 
I know God lives and Jesus as well I have felt his presence and his spirit has warmed my soul in the most dificult times. I know that if we never look down and we keep the attitude and will always positive then the love of Christ will fill our lives and like it says in the Book Of Mormon the love of God is most desirable above all things.  I know that if we have it we will never need anything else. Love the one and only for one more week Elder Darby Signing off for the last time Hasta Ver(till we meet again)

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