Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15 October 2012

L. Tom Perry at your stake conference? aww I am so jealous, that is so cool!!! Yeah in the end of November the Elder Viñas is coming to capacitate us.  He is gonna speak in his native language so it should be even more special and they always have something so basic yet new to share with us. 
So this last week was a miracle and a half. We had 3 crucial lessons on thursday and all three turned out to be golden for baptisms and so this last saturday we had 4 BAPTISMS!!!! The best part as well is that all 4 of the investigators that went to church are gonna be baptized this saturday meaning 8 baptisms in 2 weeks!!! That is so many and we are loooking to baptize maybe even more than 4 this week!!!! It is unbelievable what the members are saying and how truly excited we are right now. I can't wait to see how we end up in December because I think we will be able to be pulling out maybe 6 baptisms a week. 
Everyday we pray hard to find people to baptize and sure enough they are in lessons we ask how many times they have been to church and there you have it, next baptism!!! It is so great!!!!! 
We are still rolling on our very wobbley bikes but it is helping us get around to everyone. We now have the coolest ward mission leader that lived in Utah for 6 years and he has started to work with us. This area is taking off. I have never felt so happy to see something change and so fast!!!! This last week we had a zone meeting and my comp. shared the first scripture and it is in Doctrine and Covenants; it says do everything with excitement.  During the whole conference you could see my comp. just glowing as he answered questions and has the best attitude ever. We are so excited and our prays have been the main factor. I know that this is God´s work because if it wasn't, this success wouldn't be possible. 
My comp. had his b-day this last week and woke up just sick. Poor guy but he wanted to work so bad that he got on his bike and pedaled and we were able to teach 4 people and as we came back he said "I don't know how i just survived that" it was the coolest thing ever. To see someone so dedicated. He doesn't speak very good spanish and has a tough time knowing what's going on but hey he is a really loving elder. He said i have to wait to get married as well because he wants to be there(sorry Danielle) haha.
So things are fantastic. We have a lady who has been talking to the missionaries for 4 years and has decided to get baptized this saturday. We have been the only ones to get her and her really tall daughter to church and now she has dropped cigarettes and is going to get baptized saturday. It was a good story because they said they were in the entrance to the church and were about to turn around and right then I called them asking if they were coming, so sure enough they entered and both now want to get baptized. Little miracles like this are happeneing like this everyday and I know I will have such great stories to tell when I get back. I am still ending strong 
I love you all Elder Darby 

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