Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 November 2012

Oh wow, I get home on 12/12/2012? that one will go down in the books.
So things are really interesting here because everyday we still find
someone to get baptized and the best Sunday in almost my whole mission
was this last Sunday.  This past month we baptized 2 brothers that
are 12 and 13 and their neighbor that is 14 and their friends who are
12 as well so this last Sunday all 4 of them got up and passed the
You can't even imagine the tears coming from my eyes as I saw
these 4 before just wrecks actually passing the sacrament doing
something so sacred. I realized that this was the purpose because i
love these kids because they will for sure be the future elders then
leaders in the church. I just loved seeing this and to top it off we
had 2 confirmations of the 2 we baptized Saturday and the girl who is
14 she got up and bore her TESTIMONY!!!! In a ward of 120 people she
got up and shared her testimony, I was going nuts!!!!! She gave thanks
to everyone in the ward and she forgot to close in the name of Jesus
Christ but i believe all the members learned there lesson Sunday with
this young girl just confirmed bearing her testimony. It was
incredible to me. So I had the best fast and testimony Sunday of all
MOM young women's presidency? oh just get in there and knock it
dead get everyone of those young girls reactivated and just let each
of them shine!!! That is so great, I am so glad to hear that because we
have a young women's president here and she is just like you and not to
mention she drives a Lexus!!!! She is the best and she calls us her
sons haha you just have to love the members here they are so loving
So about the success we are doing great we had the 2
baptisms Saturday and this 13 yr. old kid went to church Sunday for
his 3rd time and i said "ok your baptism will be Saturday" and do you
know what he said?
"But Elder Darby does God want me to wait all the way till Sunday to
get baptized?" IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I just wanted to give him a big hug
and say "you are the man!!!" So he chose this Tuesday to be baptized
so we will hopefully be baptizing during the week and on the weekend
haha i just love this place. 
Although it is insanely hot and the rain
storms have started to drench us it is still such a blast. I was
walking in water up to my knees the other night i took a picture but i
don't think it came out very well. I will send it to you all. So other
than that my comp. well he is starting to talk but only to me.
Everyone asks me "Darby is he ok?" i say "of course he is just really
chill ALWAYS!!!" haha so with him well there isn't much conversation
but I am just being patient. He told me he is always like this and the
best part is that he hates the food here haha. So the members gave us
about 20 empanadas the other day he ate like 4 so i had to eat the
rest and man it was quite a trial. I guess I don't have to eat them but
if you want referrals you gotta eat their food haha. But as you can
hopefully tell in my letter i am happy and HEALTHY!!! Thank goodness i
am not kidding when i get home do not feed me a lot and no rice please
i will quote tommy boy and say i will just want a ketchup packet or
two. haha 
I have a couple foods to cook for you all as well. You will love it. The weather is really hot
the rain storms are incredible and my timing is running out here in
the wonderful Argentina. I just love it but i know that I was born in
the states so i have to go back haha just kidding I cant wait to see
how amazing technology is now and my comp. has explained a couple cool
things to me so I guarantee you will all get a good laugh when i open
a dish washer and say "wow a dishwasher I haven't seen one of these in
forever!!" So you could only imagine if a dishwasher will excite me
how I am gonna be when I see other things like CARPET!!!!! haha i am
getting myself so excited!!! 
Anyway i love you all so much and as much
as I love it here yes this transfer is a little harder than the last
but i am fighting it out and the Lord is right on my side. I just love
it here and that will never change. Keep it real because I will be
coming home in just a little over a month!!! Wow it so doesn't seem
real. Love Elder Darby

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