Wednesday, December 5, 2012

26 November 2012

I will send the last email on the 3rd of december that way I will be in the thinking mode because right now I am in the focused zone because I have a lot of investigators that need to get baptized and if I don't focus, they will be gone. I always worry about the people I teach and to leave them with other elders. So this last weekend was a true accomplishment we completed a family!!!! All 4 of them got baptized meaning the Mom the Daughter the Father and the son!!!!! It was incredible. Tomorrow we are doing their first family home evening, then we have a bunch of dvds and stuff to give them so they can just rock this place when I leave. I have made sure that all my converts stay active and as of now they are all!!!!! I am so happy and blessed to see them all in the church on Sundays. Passing the sacrament, giving prayers and singing the hymns. Oh it just melts your heart when you see the change they have made. 
I remember with Elder Ipsen, I wanted to stop passing by this family we completed but he said one more time and look what came out of that.They all got baptized!!! Is that just a coincidence?  I tell you that in no way is it. So this week was pretty great we had a lot of success and had that baptism Saturday of the real GOLDBERG!!! He is taller than me yet I still only baptized him in one try. It was a classic because the members kept telling me that I needed help but I said"aww, I got it" and it worked out haha. 
I am very very sad to go home but yesterday I saw this family and we then had a lesson last night and as we were walking back, all the faces in the Darby family came to my mind and i just thought of how fun it will be to be together again and to able to see the DANESTER!!!! Plus Los Vaqueros Reservoir sent me an email today and the trout fishing is great!!! Plus the sacramento river is on fire so it made me happy to think that I am not going home to be sad and depressed but to an AWESOME FAMILY!!!! Friends, wards, and of course my girlfriend Danielle!!!! (I had to throw that in their for the bonus points) 
I am very excited, this wednesday Elder ViƱas of the seventy is coming to talk to us so it should be just great to hear him. Then on the 5th of december we have a wedding of our 2 investigators that are gonna get married then baptized. Then we have about 3 more people who will get baptized so it isnt over yet!!!!! Not till i am denametagged!!!! The weather is perfect with an overcast and the work is just OUTSTANDING!!!! 
My comp. is for sure going home with me at the end of the transfer so I failed my mission to change his mind but a new elder is coming to our area today and it is Elder Reece who i just love so I know this will be great to be with the three of us as I "die off" haha. My comp and I are great friends though it is just that he hates it here and I know how he feels but I couldn't convince him to stay. 
I had a baptism interview to do of this lady that didn't want to get baptized this week because she is scared her family will abandon her and it was great because the elders said"elder darby we believe in you please help us." I gladly accepted and sure enough we talked for 30 minutes and she will get baptized this saturday and asked me to baptize her even though I don't know her but I told her to have one of the elders to baptize her. I just think it is funny though because she made a decision on faith and I was able to promise her so many blessings.  I shared the stories of my own family and it seemed to work. So that was a good acheivement for this last week. Lets see oh yeah plus this last week was a strange one because elder parraga!!!! I was his last comp. in salta and he is from buenos aires and he came to visit villa alem and sure enough we saw him when we had our district meeting and it was awesome because we were able to chat and he accompanied us to a few lessons and it felt great to teach with him again. So that was a fun experience to be able to see him before iI go home. He told me that since i killed him (ended his mission) he came back to kill me but he had no clue I was here and I had no clue he was coming. It has to be another one of those coincidences right? haha (sarcasm) But all is well, I  put up my christmas lights that Dad sent me last year and I wore my santa claus tie sunday so I am ready to be home for the best time of the year and real FOOD!!!! I haven't even seen anyone eat a turkey here and we tried to find one to cook but couldn't find one. Argentina you just have to love it haha. I love you all see you in a few weeks!!!! Love elder darby the 2nd

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