Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 November 2012

It doesn't seem real that my mission is coming to an end but you all
remember elder Zulauf who I trained, well he is in my district now and
he completed a year!!! I remember him when he was brand new and now he
is an oldy. I realize I am old here with the way to teach and the love
I have for this work. 
The people we teach here call me smiley because
I am never caught with a bad attitude or a frown, I always say how can
anyone be sad in this world when we have the one and only true gospel
and we LIVE IT!!!! It is a huge testimony grower and now I love just
telling everyone. I honestly think we talk to about 30 to 40 people a
day now. We just pass people on the street and i tell them that God
wants them to be a member in his church then i share my testimony with
all the love and excitement I can and you know how many investigators
we have right now? We have 46 people that we are teaching right now
and now you realize why I love having bikes haha. 
It is incredible and
the best part is that we are gonna have a wedding of 2 investigators
on the 5th of December. I am so excited and we have 3 baptisms for
this Saturday and more and more to come. Yesterday we had 11 go to
church WHICH IS GOOD!!! 6 of them said they want to get baptized. They
even came from outside of our area because they loved our excitement
when we talked in the street. One girl rode her scooter to church
30minutes in the rain to get to church alone. She is 21 and is willing
to get baptized after one or 2 more church attendances. It is
So there is a family that has been listening to elders for
4years and never went to church, never accepted a baptism date, never
stopped smoking but out of this family. We found them my first day
here and they all have gone to church over 3 times and the Mom got
baptized the daughter and the husband who looks like the wrestler
incredible!!! This family now has a goal to go to the temple and
everything. They are so wonderful and I will miss them so bad!!!(that
answers your question Dad that yes, I will miss a lot of people here
but thank goodness facebook exists) 
Also this marriage well these 2
have been talking to elders for 2 years once again never went to
church never progressed but they have assisted 6 times their daughter
has been baptized and now they will be getting MARRIED!!! This man he
is 23 years old and he was addicted to drugs, alcohol you name it and
yeah he liked it haha. He has changed a full 300% and is just
incredible now. He loves the church and is now sharing the gospel with
his entire family. He goes an hour early to church ON SUNDAY
MORNINGS!!! Here in Argentina waking up at 7am is a miracle haha and
he gets to church by 8am. Whoever says that this gospel isn't true or
doesn't have the power to change lives or bring happiness well that is
IMPOSSIBLE!!! What is funny is i can go on for days telling you these
stories of people leaving behind everything. 
We have an investigator
he works in a night club as a DJ(he is so cool) but he still comes to
church even though he works Saturday night to 7am Sunday morning he
gets to church at 9:15 or 9:30am. It is truly incredible to see that
this ward is changing so much the members are really active they are
working hard in their callings and they cook us some good lunches.
haha. But other than these there are only so many more miracles that
happened this last week. I paid a very very generous fast offering
and everything got better. I have obtained a testimony in every
single topic or point in this Gospel and the power of the atonement is
the best of all. To bring just streams of tears to know that he
suffered so much for me. It is incredible and just cant wait like
seriously CANT WAIT!!!! To see all of you so soon and to be able to
tell you everything and to see how my life has changed and how I have
changed. I heard that you never know how much you changed until you
get home so I am just as excited as you to see what has happened to me
I just love this church and Now is the time to change like
it says in the book of Mormon."today is the day of our salvation!!!"
Everyday we either serve God or the devil. Choose ye this day for whom
ye shall serve!!! The bible haha I just love it because now i even
have scripture knowledge haha. I love you all so much and will be
sending some good pics. Of Goldberg when he gets baptized Saturday
haha Love Elder Darby the second

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