Monday, May 21, 2012

May 13, 2012

OK my companion is next to me the new one and the funniest part is that I thought he would be with me for about six months but he goes home in 3 months!!!! Once again i will be KILLING a missionary. He seems great we were already laughing and joking around and the best part he is ALSO from Buenos Aires!!!! So i will be speaking some amazing spanish after my mission!!! It is fun because he is an oldy on the mission and he seems really excited to be with me so I can't say I am dissapointed. 
Haha same old miracle city as my area being hard but remember God knows why we get put together and I have a feeling we might make a big dent in this area. I loved my last companion Elder Parraga but the one thing was he talked a lot so I never really said a ton in lessons so I wasn't as loved by our investigators.  Now it should be different because I am the one who somewhat knows the area and all the investigators. 
Of course the phone call home was a highlight with Keegan becoming the pranker and Erik being sick and all sounding great as always. I can't believe that was my last call on the mission and the next time I will be with Mom calling right before my flight home!!!! I don't know what it will be like to see everyone with a car and nice clothes and of course MORE THAN 4 TEETH!!! 
Ohh i am just so amped to have a new companon and do be able to just lead the area and drop the investigators that we need to drop. I feel like the one problem with any missionary is that there are those investigators that are your best friend that will give you any food or tea or other things when you want but will never go to church or get baptized and missionaries continue to pass by just to waste time. I am honestly feeling the turn right now to be able to truly give this area all I have to leave the Darby title here forever. 
I was told by the bishop to tell my family that he was grateful that I came because he likes my attitude but when I heard your voices, I forget to say it. I love the ward and the members but it is true we work alone here but hey, I always felt it is easier alone that with others. It will be great to learn from a missionary older than me on the mission because there aren't many!!! I hope you can all see how happy I am and how grateful I am to have my family backing me everyday!!! Today was great because I opened my email today in the offices and about 10 missionaries saw how many emails I had and said 'wow Darby your family hasn't forgotten about you?' I said nope and was so proud to say yes!  I can't tell you how many parents stop writing their elders that president has to call the parents!!! But as seperated as we might seem there is no love like the Darby love. I miss you all sooo much. I am sorry Mom that I never said happy mothers day, I was just soo lost when I was talking and I apologize if I didn't answer your questions well enough or ask any questions but just know I will be home in 6 months and we can talk alll you want. 
It is funny that no one knew about me blasting my companion in the face with a fireball and you all seemed to laugh! That was in my first area, I have so many more stories like that and a lot of rat killing ones. I love you all and am ALWAYS praying as hard as I can for each one of you.
I hope there is not a sad day in any of your lives because no day should be sad if we do what God wants because I know that even if we lose it all, we will never loose Gods comfort if we stay obedient!!! That was pure revelation to write that and I know this might sound weird but I feel as if it is important. Family, I invite every single one of you to try and help someone this week because one of you will have a great experience of someone who truly needs your help. Keep an eye open and I will be excited to hear your experince in my next email!!! I love you all.

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