Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 16, 2012

Well today is sweet because I am in the middle of Salta capital!!! It is beautiful and looks a lot like Spain, but its dirty and there are a lot more cultural things here. It is funny because never on my mission have I really wanted to go explore and be a tourist but here it actually sounds kinda fun. 
We have another baptism planned for Saturday so that should be great and more planned for the week after. The goal on the mission is to baptize every week and I am excited that myself and elder yates were the 2 elders to make it possible. 
I love my new area. I have to say the people are typical jujeños but they are salteños which means catholic and harder. So it has been a little tougher because now we are teaching deeper doctrine not just the basics and me and my comp. have the greatest doctrine talks together. I know it is hard for you all to believe I learned doctrine but after completing the new testament my eyes have really opened. Also i am hoping to finish it again but the time I call home on mothers day!!!! Can't wait to hear everyone again and to hear and say see you in a couple months. Like 7 or something like that. 
Things are gonna be great especially because I've served in 2 of the best providences in our mission and wont go to the 2 worst. haha everyone says I've had a rich spoiled mission. Although I have been in the toughest areas on the mission, it sure is nice to have cool weather and no real intense heat. I may not have the best stories about gangs or shootings but that clearly isn't what it is about. 
The best story or accomplishment will be able to say I know how to baptize every week and accomplished it. So I am working on it and in our area we are setting up our investigators really well. I think the best was my bus contact in front of like 25 people on a bus. We ended up passing by 10 of them and 4 went to church so it worked. I just love trying new methods to find people everyday. I love you all and will be working till the plane takes me out of here. Love you all Elder Darby

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