Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 23, 2012

Mom i got your email ontime so you are good. Wow i am filled with just
the weirdest feelings knowing that i dont know my nephew and that my
sister Alix is getting married who would have thought? So you liked my
letter or talk?
So about my area it is TOUGH!!! Like like the typical Jujeños that I love
but more like salteños that are die hard catholics even when we give a
health blessing and they heal right after. They still don't believe. I
can't believe how hard hearted people are to what we have to share. But
either way I know my smile has brought more success than anything else
just to stay happy and energized. It has been tough because my
companion is going home in 3 weeks and he is just way to negative
about the bishop here and the success that sure we are working but he
doesn't believe in the investigators that we have anymore. He is
incredible the way he teaches but there is no more love coming from
his words and they just leave without feeling. And yes I said I never
read the bible but now I have finished the new testament and am on
round 2 to finish it once again so I can use it a lot more with these
catholics. I mean there are lessons that we teach so well with such a
spirit and yet the person says I think I can feel like this in any
church. I have realized that we can't respond and say no but rather ask
why and come to a good conclusion. It is so tough but it has been so
fun to have been thinking so much and more profound studies of the
scriptures and doctrine. I truly do love it here and i hope it sounds
like i am loving it. Although we had a sweet miracle the other day and
it was so cool. What happened was we found this girl a few weeks ago
and never went to church but just yesterday during the second class i
was teaching gospel priciples and told my comp. I am leaving to find
an investigator because no one is here. So I took a member that was
hilarious. So we passed by about 10 people and no one so finally I was
exhausted and just felt bad till finally I remembered this girl. So I
ask the member can you walk a little farther I've got one more person we
can try. So we went and this girl comes out of her house with the
shortest shorts showing everything because they were clear and a clear
bra. It was nasty but I told her you have 5 minutes to change and come
to church so we talked and my Darby convincing skills turned on. So
after 10 minutes she said ok I  will change. So she changed and we
walked her to church. We started in silence because you could tell she
hated me because I was so pushy. So finally I asked her a question.
Do you like Eminem?  She looked at me and we just chatted it up all the
way to church(20 minute walk) so we arrived just on time for sacrament
and the member I was with had a talk. So our investigator (she is 18)
sat down and I invited over the other girls and they all tried to talk
to her but she wouldnt talk so the sacrament started and about halfway
through she grabs my hand and yanks me out to the hallway. So I went
and said what happened? she said Darby you are the only one that makes
me feel good can I sit next to you so I said sure and she just started
crying and told me how she wanted someone to help her last night so
she remembered how I told her to pray and she did it and I passed by
her house. She said she was sorry for being so stubborn but didn't
remember that she prayed until I asked her about Eminem because Eminem
was playing while she prayed!!!!  So we are gonna see how she is tomorrow.
THIS WAS A MIRACLE!!! I was so shocked because I thought she was about
to slap me and say why did you drag me here but luckily I was placed
in the right moment to respond to the impression that I received. I
can't tell you how crucial it is to listen to the spirit. I realized it
is everyting. God loves us and we are only his instruments so we need
to stand up and show off every talent that we got. I love you all and
am always working to make you proud. Love Elder Darby

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