Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 9, 2012

Things are great I got a couple emails from the elderes from my last district and they thanked me for my example. I just love being a missioinary it is really tiring but so rewarding. I finally understand the life of Joseph Smith, waking up fighting everyday waiting for the reward and finally it will come. 
My new companion is from Buenos Aires and I will finally be able to speak in spanish all day, everyday. He is so funny, I just love him and he is a good teacher. We do so well in lessons and we both love people so everyone is starting to love us. So sunday was fun!!! My first sunday and I had to do alot to participate. It started with a confirmation for a little boy we baptized then a 13 minute talk on Christ's life then we had to sing in the choir. It was so fun and then the closing prayer so I am pretty sure everyone heard my voice a little too much sunday. 
It was so powerful for me to truly be out here and to truly have the time and lessons to teach and remember Christ and what he did for us. I almost cried in every lesson when we read how much he truly suffered and I made a pledge that I will never sin again!!! haha, I wish but I am trying. 
So everything is great President called me today and said we are the new best zone with the most baptisms so that made me quite proud and we will only get better. It is amazing how we have 38 missionaries in the zone and we are aiming for 50 and we already have 30 so a few more weeks of april and 20 more. President said if we complete this goal his wife will cook me and my comp. a good lunch so we are both excited. But other than that I am happy and loaded with the spirit just trying my best always. I just wish that all of you can truly find the relationship with your Father like what I have found. The number one question to every missionary in my zone was Elder has the gospel brought a change to your heart. I asked everyone this and they are all so animated to baptize. Oh I am just so excited for Alix getting married and the mission. I love you all and have a great week!!!!Love always Elder Darby

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