Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alix's Wedding!! April 30, 2012

There is no better phrase than we are the Darbys and we love humor!!! Because just from that i can imagine every thing that went on for the wedding. The good jokes, funny toasts and so much more. I bet it was a great experince but I can say that my last week was one of the best moments on my mission!!!! So yes last sunday miracle with the girl who changed and came to church but we caught her smoking so there went that but maybe someday she will wake up. But the other miracle or 2 miracles were first my amazing question ´How would you feel if you killed God? so are you gonna do it?´
It was fantastic because this last Wednesday we finally found this one kid's house because we always taught him alone and we felt impressed to find his house and when we found it his sister asked´are you 2 the missionaries?´i got scared and wanted to say no but gladly we said yes and she said´I am alejandros sister but can I talk to you 2?´ so we agreed, went into her house and we talked for a little bit but she seemed like she was hiding something so I asked what's wrong and she told us she has plans to have an abortion in 2 days!!! You could imagine our reaction. I wanted to ask why but I just pulled out the bible and we shared the part where Christ says that children are the best in the kingdom of God and whoever receives one receives me. She looked at me and I asked my question. DO YOU WANT TO KILL GOD? 
She stated no and explained how bad things were and then we finished with a prayer and left. The next day I had a different companion and we taught her and she said 'hey I made my decision about the abortion' and my eyes got big and she said I DONT WANT TO KILL GOD!!! Then she said how after our lesson she said she went and prayed for the first time and after went to her families house. She said everything went fine that her husband wanted to keep the baby now and all her family. So you could just imagine how happy I got and right then I said will you be baptized this May and she said there is nothing else I would rather want then that!!!! So great this moment!!!! The best part was the companion who was with me that day because he just said ´dang, Darby how did you mange to get her to not abort? I told him the scripture and asked WOULD YOU KILL GOD!!! It was awesome and we had a great laugh.
Next great miracle was Maxi the drug addict!!! We taught him friday finally and it went so well because he responded so much to the questions and his mom over heard the conversation and sat down and listened then the sister then the other brother and then the aunt. It was like we taught the book of mormon five times because everyone wanted to know!!! The best part is that the Mom wanted to say the closing prayer and she said ´Thank you father for sending these 2 angels to save me and my family to bring us back together after the fight we just had!!!! I realized that they had just dropped so many bad words and so many terrible things but we entered and they felt the spirit cleanse there home and we ended up blessing their house.
Third miracle!!! Tuesday we were with a member and our planned baptism for last saturday writes a text to her saying I am done with the missionaries I am confused and want to give up what should I do. I yelled out read Ether chapter 12 and my comp. yelled out read Alma 32. We realized that Alma 32 was about the seed of the word and Ether was about the faith and how to grow the seed. It was pure revelation.  We went by Thursday expecting a rejection and she just had a huge smile and said ´I want to be baptized saturday so guess what? we baptized Saturday and I was able to baptize her on the day Alix got married!!  Now tell me that that isnt a miracle!!!! haha this week was honestly incredible and so much more happened that I realized it was weird to think my sister was getting married but God blessed me so much for what my family and sister were doing. I want you all to know i love you and yes i will see you all soon. Wish me luck to baptize on my birthday if we can haha Love Elder Darby

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