Monday, April 2, 2012


GREAT CONFERENCE AND BEST PART LARRY WILSON. WOOOWWWW!!!!!  I sat with so many elders that just loved his talk and so many said it was their favorite. The funniest joke about him saying, "well honey i have the priesthood!!!" I just loved it. 
Well here is the best part, I LEFT JUJUY!!!! I am now about 20 minutes north of Salta the capital and am ZONE LEADER!!!! So much happened in so little time. The president saw me today and we talked a little and he was so excited to have me be the new zone leader in a huge zone!!!! The best part, I am now next to the offices and we are going to the offices every single tuesday, so whatever you send (if you send something) I will get it right as it enters the offices. Things are just so great!!! 
It was an amazing weekend to hear the prophet who has called me to this area and to know that no other person could speak or say the things he said. He was so powerful yet so humble. I can't even imagine seeing Jesus Christ being the only prophet in the world and being more humble than anyone. What an amazing man!!! 
Alix went to the temple and oh man I miss temples so bad.  I just love everything about them from the feelings to the spirit to the learning every time that I attended.  It is truly the closest place to heaven. Like they say heaven is here we just need to open our eyes to see. 
Conference was about 3 things; first contention drives the spirit!!! Second strengthen the family by your example and love!!! Third you need to truly understand the atonement and have the attributes Christ had. I love the part about judging the 2 word sermon STOP IT!!! What a simple yet so powerful statement. But I realized that the gospel is simple and basic and the best thing to do is learn the basics, apply them and reap the blessings. I love you all so much and there truly was a strong spirit to see my converts past members from my other areas and to be able to realize this is what the celestial kingdom will be like. I will never forget the day in the sacramento temple when the whole ward went and we all passed through and entered the celestial room. There was no better assurance than to know I WAS WORTHY AND THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! Why do we sin? because others sin. Why do we not do what our potential can? because others seem like less. All depends on our example!!! So stand open, like Lehi to his sons rise up out of the dust and become men. I say to all of you, rise up brush off the dirt or disobedience and let your light and example shine as bright as Christs. Like moroni said "so when he comes again we will see him as we are!!!" Do we judge? are we disobedient? are we slacking in the commandments? 2 WORDS STOP IT!!!! I love you all and will be working hard here in my new area of:_city of miracles, salta My companion is a latino from buenos aires and this is his last transfer so boy am i gonna show him the GRAN FINALE!!! Love Elder Darby

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