Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wow my Moms got class!!!! Rollin with the Iphone!!!!Geez I can't even
imagine what it will be like having a real phone again because the one
we have is worst than the first phone I ever had. So things are just
bad in our new area. 3 of our investigators moved the other 2 slept
sunday and didn't go to church and one other just dropped us completely
and is never in their house. Man it has been rough because the
missionaries working in our old area are doing horrible as well as my
whole district so it has been a tough week. Our one hope and joy is
that we found 2 new families to teach. One is just awesome and their
goal is to be married this month!!!! The other is a family of 5 the
two boys maxi and martin are just beasts but the Mom just
started listening to us because she was way catholic. They are great and
promised to go to church next sunday. So possibly 6 baptisms this
month!!!! We are working so hard and have gained the trust and love from
the members. They adore us, I just love as they call us and ask how we
are doing every sunday in church. We have officially become known as
the 2 tall white angels. As well as the 2 last hopes!!! Makes more
sense in spanish but everyone knows that we were sent for a reason and
I have to say that I just love the members here. They are really poor
and humble but willing to give whatever we need. I love the work
and I know we are gonna blow this area out of the water, we just need
a little more patience and we will be fine. My testimony grows everyday
and I know this work is true. I just love it so much-always working hard.
Elder Darby

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