Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BEST WEEK EVER 3/19/2012

You have no clue how hard it is to teach so many people and
to only see one or 2 in church but this last sunday lets just say 9 out
of 10 went to church and 3 inactive families!!!!! It is a miracle. It
is so true that we never receive a testimony except after the trial of
our faith. 
We have been working hard teaching a lot, dropping a lot 
and finding only a few new investigators. But, monday night we were 
walking and I felt an impression to take a turn at a random street that 
we never took before so we did it and a drunk man came up to me-so the 
first thought I had "oh another drunk here to just waste our time". 
He told me you 2 are angels sent from God right?  So, I said 'sure' and 
he said I need your help please pass by my house.  
So, I got in his face and said with all the power, brother we will pass by 
once to your house wednesday at 9pm and if you aren't there, we can't 
do anything. Guess what, the door was open so we clapped and he came 
running to the door and called us angels. He let us in and was completely 
sober. He told us he has been drunk for 15 days and his family has abandoned him and he has nothing but wine to save him. So we took out the Book of Mormon and we read a couple scriptures and testified that he can change with just the strongest spirit that brought tears to my eyes and my comps. and his. 
So the lesson went well and we went back friday at 9pm once again and he
was waiting at the door for us. He gave us hugs and a typical
argentine kiss with no booze in his breath. We taught him again and he
asked 'when is church, can I go' so we said 9:30 this sunday we will be at
your house at 9am. Sure enough yesterday we pass by and he was there
and ready in a nice shirt and jeans. It was a MIRACLE!! 
Then 2 seconds after another 2 investigators call and tell us to drop by their house so we took 5 with us to church!!! It was just awesome!
We had talks, I taught gospel principles like usual about the atonement and all
were crying and Omar, our drunk friend, asked if he could say something
so he stood up in class told us the story how his wife left him and he
has been waiting for 5 months for someone to save him and told us how
we are now his angels. 
He is amazing and sitting nerxt to him and seeing the hurt in his eyes 
and tears made me realize that it doesn't matter if I baptize 70 because 
one soul is great in the eyes of God.  I could feel the love God has for him 
and he has so much faith and I am so excited to help such an amazing man. 
I have been humbled to the dirt to realize I need to do the Lords will not 
what I want. I need to follow His guidance not what I think. 
This last week has changed my entire life and I know I am here for a 
reason and that I was worthy and trusted by God to come to this area 
and listen to the prompting to turn down that street. The work may be hard 
but never will I feel inadequte or unable to do the what God wants. I know He loves me and wants us to succeed. To see inactives come back and to 
see that many investigators in church, I just know that it is not me and my
skill, it is the Lord.  All I am is an instrument in his hands. I love this work 
and will be working hard forever!!!! 
Every member a missionary was my talk and never have I realized that 
it is the members responsibility to share the gospel with frieinds, work mates 
and everyone. Just do it and I promise it will be the most joyful peace to
the hardest heart!!! I love you all so much and know I am here doing
this work I love and i will see you all soon. love Elder Darby

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