Thursday, March 1, 2012

8 January 2012

TRANSFERS TODAY!!!!!! Elder Yates unfortunately left but I am staying as district leader and my new companion is a newbie right out of the MTC so yes I am TRAINING!!!! I am so excited. Tomorrow I go to salta to get my new companion and then we come back and get to work. Things are going great president got way mad at me because I forgot to write him last monday and apparently is happy about our numbers but watching them very very closely because he said some strong things to me in an email but hopefully I wont have to have an interview with him this wednesday in salta!!! He called me a missionary of numbers but we all know that isnt true haha i just love how no one can predict my actions here. I am now older am phoneless and district leader and training and instead of a pump up email pres. sends me one that says "I am not on my mission I am on the mission of the Lord!" I dont know how that applys to me but whatever it is the lord that guides me not him right? Well other than that exciting email he sent I am doing great to be recieving to brand new missionaries in my district so now i have an older missionary with only a few weeks left then his comp. is completly opposite and wants to just work and the other companionship is a missionary with 8 months and he is going to salta with me to get his new comp. as well. It was really sad to say goodbye to elder yates because we did so well together I mean talk about unity and a friendship. We were doing so great and he talks so amazingly in spanish it is incredible. He is honestly the best comp. I have had. It was a blessing to have such a great companion to help me and strengthen my testimony about the only true church on the earth today. What a crazy week this week has been I am a little nervous to see who my companion is but if he is a gringo we are gonna have a fun time trying to teach and being able to realize how bad I was at spanish. The members are great here and our investigators are even better i am really excited to train and try to be the best servant the Lord has to complete my mission come home and give the most hugs possible. So everything in our area is going great the Apartment is just beautiful the creamery is next door and i am still loving my empanadas!!! The holidays were great but a tough time to work because the people were drunk tired and so distracted from the path of Christ but now things are better and we are gonna start baptizing like crazy again to not only make the mission president happy but also to bring the salvation to the people who deserve it and are willing to humble themselves and become like a child before their savior Jesus Christ. My testimony is stronger than ever and I know the family is the strong point. We are gonna become better and I am so gonna come home and be the best member I can be not for anyone else but my father in heaven. I love you all and will let you know next monday who is my comp. and all the better details. It is hotter here and still raining every other day so it is nice. Stay strong and know we dont need anything else but the love of our savior Jesus Christ and his mercy!!! Love elder darby

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