Monday, March 5, 2012

5 March 2012 Mariano Moreno

Alek is gonna love serving in Australia, I can't say the MTC is easy but boy does it feel good to be out in the field. I just love the happiness and people we find. It is funny because God so prepares the people we meet it is just awesome to see them change because of the things we teach. WOW Kevin is home? Man you need to let him know I had a companion from Peru so I know how funny their spanish truly is. Wow I can't imagine what it would be like to see you all again after 2 YEARS!!!! But anyway still got 9 months.
So things are GREAT!!! As always, I never do get to the computer tired or not excited because I just love being able to share my happiness and the miracles that are happening. So my new area, Mariano Moreno has had 10 baptisms in 3 years!!!! Do you know how many we now have planned? 5 this month!!!!! And it is only the beginning of March. I am so excited because we have been working hard to reactivate families as well as teach, invite and prepare people to be baptized. I truly love it here and to know how much God truly knows of my mission. I love it because I read a scripture the other day that says that God sent us as we were prepared from the beginning to come to this earth. I read this scripture and another one that talks about our purpose and I realized that no matter how I lived my life before the mission, God prepared me here to be his servant and to forget myself and do his work. I have felt that change of heart I have left behind the things of the world because I know 3 things matter. 
Its funny though because you mentioned all of them in your letter, Mom. Obedience, family, charity.  
Think if we are obedient we have the spirit. If we strengthen our family at all times we won't ever have contention in the house. If we have charity or the pure love of Christ we will always think of others before ourselves and never have enemies or bad feelings towards anyone. I think charity has been my biggest attribute this transfer to be able to just love every member and person we encounter because if not we won't gain their trust or receive their help. I love my area and we are working hard to reactivate families and baptize news to bring that excitement back to the ward. It is tough but it is so possible. Our excitement is beyond the roof because there is no challenge that is impossible when it is the work of the Lord. I know I am in this area because I just love being positive and happy and we get along with everyone I love it here and can't wait to send my report next week. I love you all and promise to always work hard. Love Elder Darby

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