Monday, February 6, 2012

6 February 2012

I can´t even imagine what a fast and testimony meeting would be like in english anymore!!! I just love the emotions that people have here and the sacrifices they make just to go to a temple. So yes the closest temple is cochabamba Bolivia and it takes like 20 hours to get there by bus and is like 1000 pesos a person or 250 dolars which is a ton here. There was a family that bore there testimony yesterday and they sold their wedding rings and their car to be able to pay for their family. It is nuts how all we have to do is hop in our car and just drive a little ways when here they go for a week and make sacrifices that are just incredible. The people here honestly have better testimonies than those in the states because there conversion stories are just amazing!!! 
The love and respect I have for these people is truly incredible and the funny thing is that they love us more. I don't care what door we knock if it is hot they will bring out like coca cola or something and then tell us no. It is funny because they are never like jerks, just closed hearts. 
This week was great we had a few ready to baptize but they all had stuff to do so now we are gonna have a baptism of hopefully 3 or 4 people this saturday!!! It should be fun because it is so exciting to be able to change the lives and truly bring pure joy to them.
So clearly we are working hard and doing so well and my comp. is just hilarious!!! He loves the huge flea markets they have and Napolitana which is a filet of chicken that is breaded and friend with tomato sauce cheese and sliced ham on top of a huge pile of french fries. I just love it how excited my comp. gets when he says something correct in spanish and when he invites our investigators to be baptized. He is doing so much better than I did in my first area because he has almost a month out here and is understanding and speaking fairly well. We are practicing a lot and I am able to help him because I knew how it was. He is my greatest son so far on the mission !!!! 
Well that is about it not too much happened this last week other than just finding so many people to teach and having so many go to church on sundays. I think we are gonna make some records here on the mission and I know president keeps calling to check up because he is way excited for our success!!! Well i love you all and know there is no better place to be than here. Love Elder Darby

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