Tuesday, December 20, 2011

19 December 2011

Had a sweet week and still loving the mission more than anyone!!!! So me and my comp. with our 3 money investigators thought we were done because we didn't find anyone after knocking at least a hundred doors but guess what? We walk into a home of a family we love and they asked us about friends, "if they aren't baptized where do they go?"  So the 7 year old, angel Antonela, brings out 26 names addresses and everything and says"I know you 2 are the ones to teach these friends, I want to enjoy all my friends in the spiritual paradise!!!" I honestly started crying because she is SOOO CUTEE!!!! 
So we received these references Saturday.  When Sunday came we'd contacted 18 of them and found 16 new investigators to teach!!!!! All it took was a cute little 7 year old girl and the spirit!!! 
So sure our work is back online. The other highlight of the week was Sunday because now I am in a real ward and they had the primary program. I was crying like a little baby because of how excited I truly was to see these amazing little kids sing and just be so happy while singing and talking in spanish!!! 
I love it here, sure the country has problems like crazy but the work of the Lord never does!!!! I now know with all my heart that there is nothing that was more truthful than that first vision that Joseph Smith had. 
Love you all Elder Darby

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