Wednesday, February 29, 2012

27 February 2012

Ok so yes transfered with my brand new companion Elder Zulauf!!!! He is so funny because his spanish is still just so gringo!!! I am trying to help him just be happy and so far we have our tea time at night while we plan for the next day so we buy a little bread and types of tea!!! NO MATE!!! We aren't allowed to drink mate and I am not really sure why. 
We are actually in the next town over so we see the members from our old area all the time!!! And the funniest part is the apartment we lived in before is actually in our area now so we didn't go anywhere far so it is hard to work so poorly next to an area that we just killed!!! We are still in the like same atmosphere except it is like the out skirts of the city so very humble, very lazy and no more paved roads meaning MUDD!!!! Thank goodness I have those sweet gore tex boots they are just so awesome!!! 
THE WARD IS REALLY SMALL!!! This last sunday there were 26 people in church and we only had 2 investigators it was really sad although we didn't have lunch with members this last week we do now!!! We are now in Mariano Moreno. It is a lot smaller so easier to have just a ton of lessons. We are trying to get a few people to teach so we can actually have some appointments cause right now we have a small list of people, we are trying to find when they are home so some times we get lucky and other days are terrible!!! Sunday was way fun because now we finally have the addresses of the members and inactives so now we are gonna visit members and inactives and inv. to see if we can spark a successful flame like our last area. It is so true that once you have the trust of the members it is easy to find news and get member present lessons. The members are very loving though and I am still the gospel principles teacher. I just love teaching a class in spanish it is so fun to just think I am in Argentina speaking fluent spanish and connecting with these people. Truly a blessing and gift that I was social before the mission. 
The apartment is becoming more normal it isn't so bad except for the 3 poodles or yappers that live in front of us. So terrible all night, all morning, when we open a door or close one they just yap. It was funny because the other day one was whining to get in the other door so I took water and sprayed it and right after I did that the owner walked out looked at his wet dog and he hit his dog thinking it had peed all over the door!!! Serves that little poodle right. I have no sympathy whatsoever for dogs anymore. 
But that is about it. I am still district leader going into my like 5th month and the district is worse than ever. I am quite disappointed so district meeting should be very interesting tomorrow. The new sister missionaries that are in our old area are just doing a terrible job with the work and success we left them which makes me realize that some missionaries have the gift and others not. Of course I love the sisters and am helping them as much as possible but they seem to get down on themselves way too much especially because they have the best area. I just love the mission and right now it is tough but hey when does a smile not come onto my face? Trials are just a part of life and the ones who kept a smile on their face learn the most. I just love it here and we are excited to see the great miracle that is gonna happen as the weather is now getting colder!!! No more heat!!! Even though I am in the nicest part of the mission for over a year what luck right? Faith and positivity is what brings the success. So excited to get out and work love you all Elder Darby

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