Wednesday, February 29, 2012

23 January 2012

I forgot to mention the package situation and YES I GOT IT AND YESSSS I LOVED IT!!!! The candies are wonderful the pics are the best to be able to remember who I was and what I want to be when I get home and also thank you for the pics of Danielle and yes she honestly is gonna look so gorgeous after seeing 2 years of jagged or no teethed smiles bad hygiene black hair and black eyes. Then I will be able to see all of you and how beautiful you are Mom and by the way you totally win in the williams photo because you are the skinniest, funniest, most beautiful, and the BEST!!! My Mom and Keegan going to a sportsmans expo. haha now that is funny!!!!! I guess you 2 do miss me quite a bit!!! And you know what I miss you so much as well Mom and can't wait to come home and give the best Mom in the world a huge hug say sorry and say I LOVE YOU IN 2 LANGUAGES!!! Mom stay strong cause I will be running back oh and by the way I am gonna baptize this saturday so when you are in your students baptism just think of me doing the same thing and being there just in spanish and in Argentina!!! Love you tons thanks for everything your son Elder Darby

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