Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/20/12 Marino Moreno transfer

phone call for transfers. I thought it was impossible my district
would change because my comp. is brand new and also the comps. of the
other missionaries. BUT I WAS WRONG!!!! So I get a call at 8:30pm
sunday night. We are with my favorite family, I get the call and he
says, "Eder Darby, I have some weird transfers"!!! My smile dropped and I
said WHAT!!!! "You and your companion are going to open an area
in Mariano Moreno!!! Mariano Moreno is right next to Coronel Arias,
our area. I said SERIOUSLY? Then he said that 2 sister missionaries
are coming to work in Coronel Arias. I was shocked to hear this.
We visited a few families and just cried our eyes out because you
just love these people and they love you. We are opening an area
that has huge problems in the ward and that hasn't baptized in almost
a YEAR!!!! So wow, I am sweating bullets and am praying like I never
had before because not only is my comp. brand new but I don't know
the area. I need to help him the best I can while having success!!!
Man it has been a crazy day with moving and leaving the best apartment
and going to one that has pink and green walls.
I am exhausted, I didn't sleep and a little nervous but why worry and have
doubts when this is God's world and He loves us. Doctrine and covenants
6 really hit me hard 'to not worry to not have doubts but rather be
faithful and have the vision set that no matter what things will be
just fine'.
I know this is true, I love the scriptures and I have been told by many missionaries that I share too many scriptures during a lesson because
I swear when I listen to these people there is a scripture that has the
answer. I am a little worried but get a peaceful feeling and actually
excited to let you all know how the ward will be strengthened, how our
obedience and faith will bring us success.
I would love to hear some emails to get me excited for next
Monday cause this week should be a tough one to go from 50 lessons
last week to way less. I know that the Lord has callen me to serve here
and he promised me that I will speak with the tongue of angels and that
no matter what we will make a huge effect on this ward.
I love you all and yes Mom time is going so fast to see my 'kid' not be
able to speak. It's a humbling experience because I remember how hard
it was to be so new.
I saw a few members that are from my first area Perico and they were
shocked to see me and they said "Darby you have a voice?" haha
"Hermana why yes and did you know I have a kid?" her smile
dropped and I told her that a new elder on the mission is a 'kid' and
that I am his father haha,it was priceless. (It wasn't the funniest
thing I could have said but in spanish I think it was especially with
the culture and past stories of other missionaries)
Man I just love it here. Although we can't fish anymore, or just sit
and relax, sit on facebook, drive a car or text, I find that the best
thing I can do is feel that my Father in Heaven loves me and trusts
me to take on the most amazing tasks possible on the mission.
I love all of you so much and I dream of the day when I can sit in
front of you and tell you how crazy, spritual, humbling and just
FUN my mission is!!! The mission that has over 130 rules with
the most strict guidelines, 4 hour studies everyday. But with that
said, there is nothing that refreshes my purpose in my life than
studying the only thing that I know is true without a single doubt.
I have purified my heart this last week and have went through die hard
repentance and feel the most free I have ever felt and thanks to that
experience, I know that God will provide us with baptisms and a
stronger ward. I hope you all can realize I am just so excited
and ready to get to work. I love you all and hope your lives are
filled with as much joy as i feel. Love always Elder Darby

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