Wednesday, February 29, 2012

23 January 2012

THINGS ARE GREAT!!!!! We finally were able to get some good investigators in church so when they go to church they always end up IN THE WATER!!! Such a great week this last week was because my comp. got hit by a pooping pigeon on the telephone wire and also my most favorite investigator here is getting baptized this saturday!!! He is amazing he quite drinking and it is amazing that me a 20 yr. old and my new comp. 19 yr. old can convert a 34 year old guy that loved alcohol and cocaine leaves but thanks to our testimonies the spirit and of course reading the baptism of Jesus Christ he straight up told us sunday "Elder Darby can you baptize me this saturday!!" It was so exciting because we have been working hard with him but the spirit finally testified unto him and he felt it recognized it and let it change him into the most incredible son of God. He has been just giving us so many people to teach and truly loves how we baptized his Mom and now Him!!! So great that him and his Mom will be able to go to the temple one day together. He will be recieving the priesthood and will always be such a great help to the missionaries and the ward. You cant even imagine how happy and how much joy it brings when you promise these people an answer from God and they recieve it because it is so obvious how the gospel has changed their lives so much. I truly love this work and know that it is so true. Things are getting great as my comp. is now able to bear his testimony and also he is contacting so I am hoping the spirit blesses us as I can help him succeed to be an awesome Elder from the california side!!! Well that is pretty much it I am really tired and yet excited to be starting a new week to see who we can find and get to church and to of course teach english. The english class went well saturday with 6 people and we taught the prayer in spanish and many other things. I love it here and there is nothing better than teaching this great gospel that i now love. I know it is true without a single doubt. I love you all Elder Darby

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