Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This past week was about a 8 out of ten till last night because now it is a 10 plus!!!!!!!
So why else was this week a 10-well, we are teaching this guy named Ruben he is just so stubborn and so smart. We have had 4 lessons with him and can't get a baptism date out of him. He has over 20 books of other churches and reads them daily but last night we went to his house 4 times and couldnt reach him. He is the only guy in all of Argentina that actually knows what time we are gonna come back and we were 20 minutes late-so he wasn't there. But after these 4 trys and other lessons in the middle, I said, "hey I know a street we should knock". So we head over to find this one street and the member with us said it is really dangerous, but for some reason I kept insisting and really wanted to knock this street. So finally I convinced my comp and the member to headed over there.
We had time to knock 3 doors so we knocked 3 and nothing but I said one more and I will take it. My comp said we don't have time so I gave him my face and knocked this last door. Be ready for this one, My comp. says go ahead so i knock and sure enough Ruben answers the door!!!! Me and my comp. were shocked, I mean we were easily 13 miles from his house. So we pull him out in the street and end up teaching him but the most amazing part was that we asked him after a long lesson to be baptized and he ACCEPTED IT!!!!
THIS MIRACLE was so amazing to me and the many trys by the devil to stop us from going over. It made me realize I am here serving the Lord in every way and he will always come through. I am so humbled from this experience and my comp as well. I can say it wasn't me who decided to go knock; it wasn't me who thought we truly should, it was the spirit.
The Lord is by my side and he will always be by our side through everything, but the first step is faith. To have faith is to know not to think but to know that your Father in Heaven will help you with what you need. Joseph Smith had it and Satan knew it. Satan tried to stop us 3 times before we saw Ruben and now he has a baptism date and will finally receive the gospel I have fallen in love with.

I love you all and you are all in my prayers stay strong it will pay off, I promise with all my heart THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! THIS IS THE TRUE GOSPEL!!! Well till next week-the always hard working ELDER DARBY

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