Tuesday, June 7, 2011


HELLO EVERYBODY I HOPE YOU ALL LOVE THE PICTURES I SENT BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS KEEP THEM COMING. I hope you all are recieving blessings because man my prayers are like 30 minutes every morning and night for everyone. I hope these emails have been inspiring and uplifting because this mission is truly more than that. This mission so far 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!! has been so amazing. I am finally having success with speaking spanish and completing the numbers we have to have for the week. But there is one thing that I keep doing that I have always done before my mission and that is....
We went fishing today at a little pond and boy did we have a blast. I caught a freaking pirahna and kept getting these giant catfish to bend my rod but with a hook about the size of half your fingernail-this is a challenging task. I caught a little pirahna in my hand that actually tried to bite me with these giant teeth. The locals here call them 'diente' which means tooth. Their jaw actually locks together because their giant teeth go into their bottom and top lip, it is so weird. I pulled it out of the water on my lure and was snapping its jaws together really loud. Argentina isn't as poor as it sounds but boy it is just weird. So, all in all, today was an awesome day to go fishing in just perfect weather but it was missing the Monster and beef jerky.
Anyway this last week was quite a normal week. The launguage is becoming way easier and when the launguage comes easier everything else has more of a purpose. I can sit in my own room and have a conversation in spanish with someone it is so cool. It makes every lesson more meaningful meaning days go quicker and the people are more fun to teach. I am working hard and we are doing a lot of work together. We had over 22 new investigators this week which is insanely good and had over 24 baptism dates for the month of June and July.
This week the numbers were so great till sunday. Sunday we had zero investigators in church. With over 20 new people taught you'd think one would show up but nope-not one. It was a tough sacrament but I have a very good chance of being transfered this next monday the 13th to a different area so I was able to bear my testimony in sacrament and break the news. The reactions from these people in the ward were shocking to me. Because I realized the love and respect they have for missionaries. They might not have a car or money or microwaves but they have 2 things; a freaking ton of dogs and love. They seriously have so much love for us elders and they help me so much with this launguage. Always positive and always humble.
This experience has truly changed me so much so far and I am only a quarter through. I am excited every night when I go to bed because I get to wake up and serve these people. I love this mission and I love these people here. They are so supportive and now matter what we need, they always are able to help out.
I feel the love you all have for me and I hope you feel my prayers working in your lives. I hope you realize we do have a Father in Heaven and we need to make him proud of us always. It is one thing to be a member but it is another thing to be a representative of the only true church on this earth. Stay strong everyone because if we don't meet up in the celestial kingdom together it will break my heart.
Your friend, son and elder

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