Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I was gonna start out with a story but I felt impressed to share what I was able to do today-that activity was FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could fishing in Argentina while on a mission be better, right? I mean now I am a 'Fisher of men' and a 'fish whisperer'. It was so great, I hope you like the photos. We pull up and there is not one person on this entire lake, it was gorgeous!!!!!!! People here don't believe in fishing on Monday-but we do haha.
It was gorgeous because nowhere do you see a pine or a little creek, instead you see wicked mountains with jungle and wicked spiders the size of my hand and waterfalls surrounding the large mass of water. It was so legit like out of the show River MONSTERS, except the man we got the fishing gear from gave us terrible stuff so we didn't do so hot. It was overcast all day and we got on the water by 7:30 am. It was early (woke up at 6am and took a taxi). We fished till 2:30 with one of the members, he was so tight. We made empanadas to eat on the water and had sausage to grill, so all in all, it was great-except for the fishing. With 3 gringos, 2 native argentines and 4 others with no experience, it was a funny yet prideful day.
I ended up giving up going for big fish with the wrong bait and managed to catch a bunch of wild crickets in ever color on this earth. I used those and just like fishing for bluegill caught a bunch of these tiny little shad fish. No one could figure out the touch except me-so i figured it was the praying I did for 3 days asking for fish. It was a great day and I saw every insect possible around the water and 5 spiders bigger than my hand!!!! It was awesome.

As I was with these missionaries and that member, I looked around at the beauty of this earth and realized it is such a blessing to be here and belong to the only true church on this earth. The gorgeous overcast skies and the dead silence and church music in the back made it not a day for fish but a day to realize the glory of God. I realized that a home should be the same way that after a long day with work or an early morning of seminary the spirit and peace you feel in nature should be felt in the home.
I love this work and I love everyone of you, I know that God created this earth for us and anyone who doubts-that is truly a sad story. I have always loved that moment of the day when I would be alone out on the water knowing I have God by my side and praying before every trip. I have been working on the sincerity of my prayers and I know my experience today of peace was one I won't forget. I want you all to find that one thing that helps clear your mind and remember that God is our Heavenly Father and that Jesus Christ suffered so that we could live here in peace. I want to leave that with you and I want you to all know that you all are in my prayers(in spanish) and forever will be thank you for all the support...until next monday.
Elder Darby

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