Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2010-Happy Birthday Kodman!!!

It is soooooooo FREAKING COLD HERE LIKE WOW!!!! TARTAGAL IS SUPPOSE TO BE A DESERT BUT THE WINTER IS JUST THE OPPOSITE!!!! We work with giant trench coats on and my boots. So while you are all enjoying the perfect California weather, just know 2 giant gringos are knocking doors wearing all black and talking with a funny accent.
THE WORK HERE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! man these people are so humble and we are working so hard, it is awesome. Before my mission holding a job was hard because it was long and boring but wow when you have a testimony about the only true church on this earth and get the opputunity to share it with people that haven't heard it before, things get so much better. At this time we have 6 baptisms lined up for the next 3 weeks. We have NORMA, CHRISTIAN, DENNIS AND MARIA (there always has to be a Maria otherwise you aren't in Argentina) haha. So, as you can tell-missionary life is PERFECT!!!!
Now that I can understand and talk this language, my diligence meter just went way up. I can understand a language that I didn't even know 4 words 6 months ago. It is amazing, the Lord truly blesses his servants and now I can throw out at least 12 sciptures.
Gosh this gospel is so true and that I know with my entire heart! The members here and the people we teach are just so humble and family orientated. The only 2 problems we have had in this town is that a couple will live together but not be married. They say they are married but in reality they have 4 or more children and have been in the same house for years. Before baptism they either have to marry, which takes forever, or seperate. To be a 20 year old and to tell 2 grown adults they have to move or get married they look at you funny. But the humility and test of faith is so powerful.
We have had 2 families seperate for baptism-they each have 7 kids and have been living together for over 34 years.
It is truly amazing because no matter who you'd tell this to in the states, there is not a chance they would listen to a 20 year old. This has been the biggest topic on my mind lately. I am a servant of the lord Jesus Christ and he speaks through me. These people listen NOT because we have blue eyes and are tall, but because we have a nametag with 3 bold names. The first is ELDER then DARBY then JESUCRISTO!!!! We are here sharing the gospel and the only path to actually receive eternal life and live with our crazy families forever.
Gosh I love this work and it has humbled me in every sitiuation. I am blessed to know this language so quick and to be able to have the desire to study and read the scriptures. I have read the Book of Mormon 2 times on my mission and am in love with the stories and the TRUTH. President monson said "if you don't have a testimony of the Book of Mormon or this church, GET ONE!!!!" This is the promise of the true prophet on this earth. He receives the truth for all of us and if we say we want to follow God and the example of JESUSCHRIST, then we need to follow his messenger!!!!
I leave this with you as a 'challenge' to follow the scriptures and follow the gospel because without this gospel and repentance, we can't receive the celestial kindom.
No inpure thing can enter in the presence of GOD!!! I know this is true and I love you all.
Your Elder. Elder Darby

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