Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TARTAGAL transfer 6/20/11

wow TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!! and this week has been my best week yet and it is because of 2 reasons!!!
My comp. is shocked I showed up to Tartagal and just had an urge to talk and listen. Since the first lesson in this area, I can now listen to what they say, respond to it and testify with no problem to what they need-it is amazing!!!! I have been strightened up by the spirit and can now rely on the spirit in every lesson to guide me and help me to truly teach from my heart. This is exciting like no other because I now don't go back to the pench and say urrrrr!!! I now go back, get down on my knees and thank my heavenly father for calling me here.
TARTAGAL IS SOOO COOL.!!!!! Just imagine a small village with little wooden gates in front of houses, all sand streets and giant fruit trees everywhere. It is gorgeous!!!! I came from Perico which had money and many paved streets but here, they have not very much money but humility, it is so amazing !!! They are humble here making it so much easier because not one person here slams the door-they actually just about always let us in because they want to chat.
They have cool jeep cars and old old range rovers it is like a town built next to the ocean, with a giant "River" or canal running through it. I love it but only have 6 weeks to learn it so pray for my memory, I will need it. My comp. Elder BJOURKLAN is a beast, this is his last transfer so he is like-elder Darby, we need to work hard hard hard. I am loving him and loving our 2 man apartment up 3 sets of stairs. The bulding is giant and totally cement just like every building here. The best part of this town is the tranquil feeling because they don't have grocery stores or any entertainment whatsoever. They have little kioscos with the essentials and MATE AND FRIENDS. The concept of the family is so cool here, I honestly am following more and more in love with the people here everyday. This last week was great except for not eating healthy.
On Wednesday we bought candy, we had a ton of empanadas and bought milanesa sandwiches that night. Thursday we bought pastries called facturas and ate a ton more of candy-then bought milanesa sandwiches again. Then friday came and we had a giant chicken and papas fritas(french fries). Then Saturday came and we ate locro, which is a huge bowl of soup with thick oyster noodles and a few giant chunks of cow stomach and other meats. The member made us eat 2 giant bowls, it was tough but force feeding is a great talent I have-haha. Then Sunday or EL DIA DEL PADRE fathers day. We had lunch with this giant family and had to eat 30 emapanadas a piece and the best part was a giant peach cake with not whipped cream but thick sugar cream. It was a tough week except on Friday we went to a fruit stand and bought 5 dollars worth of fruit-which here is about 4 safeway bags-haha. It is the only way we have been able to get rid of this unhealthy streak, fruit and gatorade. Gatorade seriously works miracles, the green mango flavor is like opening a bottle of heaven.
I love it here and this morning we took a 2 hour bus ride to go play soccer in Pocitios which is 15 minutes from BOLIVIA!!!! It was awesome and I scored 3 goals. We had the missionaries which was 6 north Americans and 2 latinos and tied 5-5, so yes, I did rep. the Darby name to these latinos. The way these latinos play shows soccer here is so not a pansy sport it is all technics.
I love you all and gave a talk yesterday not in our ward but in our branch, we have about 45 members at church and we had 5 investigators come to church-it was awesome. My talk was great because I know this language and had 3 quotes written and 2 sciptures and talked for 20 minutes without looking at the paper at all. Knowing this language has given me such faith and a trust in the lord that I know we can be those who stay strong and blameless before God in these last days.
We have 4 lessons tonight and have to be back at the apartment by 9:30pm and we are watching the Jose Smith movie with our investigators tonight in spanish and I understand it all. So cool Elder Darby, the elder that couldn't even say anything before his mission has been blessed enough to understand and speak!!! All the members comment on my achievements and on my accent so I am progressing for sure. Thank you all, I love you all so much and can't wait to come back and share the best 2 years-haha.

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