Tuesday, June 7, 2011



This week we led the zone in numbers and I am so happy to be able to do that. We had a ton of new investigators, ton of new baptism dates and a ton of lessons; it was so great. I seriously love being on my mission it is the best. I am not sure about "The Best 2 Years" but I hope it can become that good for me because I am loving it here. The launguage is finally just about there, I mean we had a division last week and my comp. told me to teach all the lessons for one day. I did them all, got 10 baptism dates and knocked about 15 doors. So, in one day the spirit blessed me with understanding and now speaking the language. I have never felt so helped in my life.
The baptism this week was for PATRICIO Roberto Martinez. He has a girlfriend and a baby with her but they moved out of the same house so we taught them every lesson and baptized him with honor. I was able to baptize him and this means that was my last baptism in Perico.
This week was so amazing with numbers and the work, had great food-and always leave a note with the members we eat with.
I dont have much time to write today because we are on a tight schedule, the president asked we all email him almost 2 pages about our week so this takes a lot of my time. Just know I love you all so much. One more thing, I actually taught gospel principles class yesterday. I was so nervous but it ended up being such an amazing lesson with tons of great scriptures. The lord and spirit are with me helping me when I fall short. I can feel the power when in a lesson and even though sometimes I will be exhausted, the spirit will give me an urge to speak and I act on the prompting. It is not about doing it myself but rather listening to the spirit when he prompts you. Just the other night an investigator started crying and out of nowhere, I felt to teach the plan of salvation. He looked at me and said fine so I taught her this and after she thanked me cause her cousins husband just died. She called me the next day and told me that she explained that her cousins husband is on the way to heaven and she can see him again so we are gonna go teach her cousin this Thursday. Man, I just love the miracles and the strong spirit that happen!
You are all in my 10 minute prayers in spanish and I know that the lord will help us if we ask with a desire to truly receive an answer. I love you all and I hope you love the Lord because he will always answer your prayers and provide a way.
Once again ELDER DARBY your (son, friend or example)

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