Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1 August 2011

It is hard to keep track of the days here and what happens but my blog is not my journal because I have a journal and write in it every day so dont worry haha. Mother this blog is for you all to remember me and the work I am doing down here in Argentina.
Freaking crazy here the change from one area to the next takes a toll because you come from an area that you know to a new unknown area. My companion is great!!! He sometimes likes sleeping a little more than usual but I am helping him to really straighten up and work his heart out. Which this week we did!!!! Mom, I know you said you don't like the number thing but every district or group of 5 companionships has a number goal for news found, investigators in the church baptism fechas and members present. So we have these goals but to me it isn't about the numbers but Preach my Gospel says that "work that isn't being tracked is not work at all". So great, Preach my Gospel is incredible.
Man this week was crazy with many problems in the town that I can't really write because we are told not too-but the fact is that my comp. and I are safe and I have a good story when I come home!!!!(read the news for Ledesma, Jujuy) Anyway we worked hard this week, we were able to find a lot of people but our investigators somehow all picked up a bad habit. We had 4 baptisms planned for this weekend but now it can't happen. Cigarettes, tea, chastity and honesty took a toll on our investigators. When a investigator confesses these problems to you, it rips your heart out! It is nothing to put yourself down because this is not my church and we are not here to find new members, we are here to invite help and teach the true gospel of Christ.
We have one man he is 56 and has been smoking and drinking alcohol since he was 12 but my comp. and the elder found him and he hasn't touched anything for 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! His testimony is incrediblle and everyday he tells us how good he feels and how he loves the church but he works on Sunday. Satan truly became realistic this week to me and my companion because we say the strongest fall and the weakest succeed. Satan does know us and he wants us badly but we need that firm faith in Christ to reject his ways and stand with our heads high and our roots deep in the gospel.
The things I am learning on my mission are incredible and I have never felt so comfortable in my life. When I teach a lesson, as long as I listen to what they say, the spirit ALWAYS AND I MEAN ALWAYS tells me exactly what to say. The language is as easy as english now and I can easily understand everything and respond just fine. Every day I smile because it is amazing I am here in Argentina, living with my companion from Peru speaking spanish all day everyday. It is a blessing to be here on my mission, mom, dad and family I thank you for all the support you have given me. There is not a person in the ward or in my family that hasn't made an effect on me, I love you all so much.
LEDESMA JUJUY: Just like my first area Perico with all paved roads, grocery stores the size of the vegetable area in Safeway-and rich and poor people. A lot of people drive motos and cars but their cars here are smaller than a prius. The biggest car they have is a Ford 100 truck which is half the size of a Toyota Tundra. We live in a pension that has no hot water because our heater is broken and the plumbers here never come when they are suppose to, it sucks. It is funny when my comp. showers because he screams cold and breathes loud so we have challenges to see who can shower the longest. My companion and I are missionaries in the sreet but just young children in the pension. Last night he threw me a plastic soda bottle and in english said 'let the force be with you' and we started smacking each other with the bottles (yes with sound effects) he is so funny and it helped because we are seriously best of friends. His english is terrible but I am teaching him. Anyways things here are tough but never am I ever sad or mad because each day is a new day and even if we have a problem with a person, I just realize I am blessed just to be speaking a language that I didn't know at all before my mission. The Lord is with me and I feel his love everyday.
Love always ELDER DARBY
(Newspaper headlines for Ledesma, JuJuy read: Provincial police forcibly evicted 700 families from land, squatters fought with rocks and stones. 4 killed, 60 injured)

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