Monday, August 8, 2011

JuJuy August 8, 2011

The cold water shower is really funny because it is always a battle between my mind and my body because at night or at 7 in the morning you don't want freezing water!!!!
We do have 2 heaters, they are incredible for the pension that we have, I love having those on and waking up in warmth (something I am not use to mother)!! haha, no it is a joke because I would give anything to be in our beautiful house, have a hot shower, a nice foam bed and my own room and bathroom!! It is one thing to live with a latino because the word clean isn't in his vocabulary!!!! My companion is the funniest and I love the guy to death but man when it comes to cleaning-he hates it but when he cleans, he cleans every inch. So every day, I clean a little to try to get him on his good day-haha.
Oh man I love the mission. Fact is-I am with my companion more than I was with my family!!! I mean 24 hours 7 days a week not a minute apart, it is incredible!!! But my companion is incredible, I love Elder Chavez and we are so obedient because we want protection in this crazy, dangerous town that the president said we can't work past 7 pm making it is hard to have appointments antes. But everything is going great and this upcoming Saturday I get to be reminded that I am doing the work because we have a BAPTISM!!! Her name is Natalia, her parents want baptism but aren't married so I get to baptize her this Saturday and she is so cute, oh my gosh!!! Her sister the other day said, "Elder Barbie" and Natalia said, "sister, you need to respect Elder Darby for his name because he is the best servant of the Lord"!!!! I almost cried.
I bought her an alfajor which is an oreo but with chocolate, caramel,and it is 3 or 4 layers of pure amazingness!!!
Natalia always asks me, "Elder Darby, how are your shoes always so pretty?" which mom, this should answer another question that my shoes don't even have a scratch, I mean my comp is losing the soles after a year but me, no change they are so perfect and I mean it.
I really, really love the people here and the members, oh my goodness they all called us when the riot and protest went down-every one of them worried about us and that is big for these people!!!
Our schedule is a little funny because our lunch here is at 1pm and ends at 3pm so usually on the mission the rule is an hour for lunch and an hour for dinner but we have 2 hours for lunch and eat something small at night like rice with just the cheapest vegetables and soup cubes for flavor, it is the best idea ever!!! But we have lunch with members everyday except Friday so on Fridays I cook lasagna, hamburgeres (yes they do have blue cheese) also salad which I've created a few dressings from scratch and they are GOOD!!! And many other foods and occasionally empanadas or chicken milanesa. I love the food here-it is cheap and good and my new favorite drink is COCA WITH RED CHERRIES!!! They don't have syrups here but I can buy a can of red cherries for a dollar, it is a ghetto rigged wild cherry coke!!!
Today I made a cherry coke for all the lats in my district and they said it is the best soda they have ever had haha, I love serving american things to lats because they get so amazed at things that are normal for us. Now I realize they think the same of me because I smile when I eat their food here and drink the awesome apple gatorade and apple sodas!!!
TODAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. Next to our area is a national park and we hiked around 10 miles today through jungle and saw footprints for freaking mini tigers and who knows what other animals. I saw my first TUCAN bird it is so pretty and I named it fruity tootie because of fruit loops (it wasn't my idea to name it) but it was gorgeous, I have a ton of photos. It is gorgeous here with no laws-nothing, they have a free bus that takes you to the park and back and it is free to enter with free campgrounds!!!!
Yosemite is like 50 bucks a night and here nada!!! What else, oh yeah I am never around gringos at all-I mean my district now has 10 people and I am the only who knows english besides another gringa from Pennsylvania that doesn't talk so I never get to speak english!!!! But today in the park, I spoke with 3 people from france in english and it was so challenging to understand my own language and respond because I kept forgetting words but I talked with 2 girls around 20 years old and a older lady from germany!!! It was so fun because no one in our district could understand what I was saying-it was a classic!!! They asked our group in english where the trail was and I was like "YOU KNOW ENGLISH"!!! They said yes and we ended up talking about germany and jujuy and what to visit in front of all the lat missionaries-it was so funny!!!!
But anyway, baptism this Saturday and the miracles and protection we have are so high, I mean just the other day my comp. said we have to go to this family and I said I think we should visit the Mamani family first, so my comp. said fine and we missed a brutal protest while we were with the other family because the protest it was in front of the family's home that we were gonna visit!!!!
It is incredible how close the Lord is to us. At times I feel like there are 3 of us walking in the street. I mean as well in the lessons I always feel impressed to say something and it happens to be what they want to hear, it is incredible!!! The spirit is with those who seek to be the best followers of the best example of all time, the Savior!!
I love all of you and if you aren't going to church, remember 3 hours in one week is nothing to sacrifice for the blessings you all have to live in the United States!! Well this is Elder Darby once again I want to say I really miss you all and I want you all to stay strong and follow the Lord because he knows you the best and he knows what you need.

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